Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game where listening to your enemy’s every move is an actual way to win. It’s also a game that can get incredibly LOUD after complete stillness and lack of any sound. This is why professional player Patrik “Zero” Žúdel thought that he could actually help with those loud bangs and help improve players’ ear health.

As it turns out, there is tons of acting going on CS:GO at and other similar websites, and the fans there do love that fast-paced, bang-filled gameplay. However, it takes an actual toll on the gamers who wear those super-sensitive headphones designed to translate even the lightest noise in-game to an audible cue for those professional gamers.

Those changes in the frequencies and intensity of the noise are actually detrimental for your hearing, argues Zero, and he does not just offer criticism that someone should probably do something about it – he is the one offering the solutions. The 23-year-old student of Computer Science has created software that allows you to mute some of the noises that do not impact the gameplay.

Well, it’s not exactly muting them. It’s more like muffling them to a length rage that allows the human ear to comprehend, but not the excessive and sudden force of the grenade. Zero argues that this is important. Grenades even in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may trigger tinnitus, which in turn could damage your ear. 

Tinnitus is a condition whereby you continue to hear a loud ringing voice even after the emitter has gone quiet. This can be very bad, says Zero. He is not coming up with this either. In announcing the release, Zero showed that there are a lot of people who have been complaining about that. Loud gaming that damages your ears can be a little too much.

Remember all these people who argue that excessive gaming is just a phase? Well, this phase can have real, physical consequences. Players are further tempted to have their CS:GO sounds cranked up because it allows them to hear movements and predict where an opponent is. This sort of information is completely crucial to your success in CS:GO, even if your aiming is pretty off. 

While some community members have cautiously asked whether the Hearing Protection tool would actually be VAC compatible, Zero assured them that all the software does is to make sure those loud bangs are assimilated by the ear in a healthier fashion. Of course, the sudden lack of LOUD banging can be a little surprising at first, Zero admits, but people would soon come to appreciate this addition for the clear health benefits about it.

People just don’t realize how bad that is, he adds. In any event, this is not just a standalone project. Valve, the developers behind the game, could possibly implement such modifications directly into the game and permanently inscribe this clever coding solution into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as a hallmark of Zero’s stature in the community.

But this is not just something that anyone would do for bragging rights. Zero could have just as easily kept the tool to himself. However, video gamers today tend to be talented individuals. Making it to the top certainly means that you are probably a very clever individual to begin with. 

Zero has chosen to go with computer science and this choice will probably serve him well later in life. Now, it’s going to serve the hundreds of thousands of CS:GO players around the world. Next time your grenade doesn’t go BANG, you probably have Zero to thank for and not a manufacturer selling you a faulty explosive. 

Zero is just one example of how a game can galvanize its community to do better – both towards the game and towards each other. All rivalry has been put aside to allow Zero’s friends and foes to benefit from this truly amazing software.