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How do I create a business card in PowerPoint?

Can you make a business card in PowerPoint? Yes, it is possible to make business cards in PowerPoint. Some experts are also using PowerPoint to make eye-catching business cards. There are a lot of factors why people are not interested in your business card. Maybe you are lacking a top-quality design template. In the blog post we will show you how to create the business card in Microsoft PowerPoint. Let’s go

Table of Contents:

●       How do I create a business card in Microsoft PowerPoint?

●       Final verdict

How do I create a business card in PowerPoint?

To get started you will need Microsoft PowerPoint in your system with good access to the Internet and most importantly your full engagement in the process. That sprinkles creativity and ideas to get the most out of it. Here is one thing to be noted: Microsoft PowerPoint is designed for presentation. Not for graphic design but if you are good at designing, User interface kind of things, then you will be able to design business cards in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Step 1: Let’s set up the slide for your business card

First thing first, let’s prepare the background of the business card. Go to the top menu, right-click to open the New file, and then choose the Blank presentation. If you have other elements on the right side, make sure that it is deleted. Ideally, to begin by cleaning all of the useless elements. Now the latter is empty. It’s time to take a look at the size of your business card. The typical size that is recommended of – 3.5 × 2.0. However, you may choose your size.

If you are thinking of adding some custom elements of color across the border of the business card, then you should choose something slightly larger than the previous dimension. It could be 3.75×2.25 as dimensions. Always select the dimensions in the early stage to avoid problems. If you plan to do it later, you might have to face some quality issues. You may lose quality when someone tries to resize the image.

How to define the right design of your business card?

●       Click on the design option

●       Go to the right corner and click on the size side to specify the size.

●       Now click on the custom slide size.

●       The slide-size window will be open. Go and specify the preferred dimensions of your business card.

●       After choosing to slide size, hit OK.

On your screen, a prompt window will be open permitting whether you want to extend the size or choose fit. Both of these options are correct, you can choose any of them.

Step 2: Create a box for the business card.

  1. To start with the box, we need a shape to put that in. Hover your cursor on the Insert option to add the shape. Then click the shape and choose the rectangular shape from the drop-down. you will notice the shape appears on your slide. If you can’t see the shape then something is wrong, please repeat this process one more time.
  • To highlight it, click on the box. Choose the height and width parameters on the right side.
  • It’s time to set the dimensions of the parameters (Height and width). Set the height to 2.25 inches and the width to 3.75 inches. You can extend it a bit if you want to add some elements.
  • Now go over to the Alignment section and align it center.

In this blog post, we have used white color as the background and filling set to No fill. We recommend No fill in the setting.

We have a gradient set as well, just follow the instructions:

  1. To make it highlighted click on the box and then select the Format shape.
  2. In the format shape, set the fill to Gradient type and then select a Linear mode from the drop-down menu.
  3. To level the direction, click on set up Linear.

To make the gradient perfect, adjust the slider until it satisfies the view you wished for. you can select the new gradient of colors to filter out the best one for your card.

Step 3: Add safety Elements

PowerPoint doesn’t provide an automatic margin function. To do so, you have to set the margin manually. That’s the reason we recommend using a dimension ruler to keep all the elements distant from the cut line. The extra space ensures that nothing gets trimmed from the line.

How to create a Cut Line?

  1. Add the new box to the slider
  2. Move the alignment to center
  3. Select the box’s fill to ‘None’.
  4. Add the color for the box line and we have added red color.

How to create a safety Line?

  1. Again, add the new box to the slider
  2. Move the alignment to center
  3. Select the box’s fill to ‘None’.
  4. This time choose a green color or your preferred color other than previously.

You may notice (or you can imagine that) the background elements go a bit far from the cut line (and this is format or expected to be). Meanwhile, you have to assure that all appropriate elements dwell within the safety line.

Step 4: Now Customize your card

Now it’s time to add images and do some customization. Click on the Insert tab hold it and click on the pictures from the menu options.

●       Now the new window asks you to add your picture. If you have saved it locally then click the device option.

●       If you want to add a picture from an external source or the internet, then click the online picture.

●       Drag your picture to the location and crop or resize it, according to the requirement.

Step 5: Fill in some personal information

●       Click on the Insert option

●       Then select the Text box

●       Select any place outside the design to add a new text selection box area.

●       Fill out the information for your business card

Remember to choose from a font that is easy to read and that looks good. The preferred size of the font is between 7 to 12pt.

Here is some important information to add to your business card.

●       Name

●       Your company name

●       Your company address

●       Phone number, email, website links, or other details.

Step 6: Save your presentation

Make sure you have removed the margin lines or boxes. Let’s save the presentation. You have several options to save such as pdf, and gif.

Congratulations, you have made your business card in Microsoft PowerPoint. I hope all of the instructions were clear. The process of creating business cards in PowerPoint is not tough at all. But it needs little basic expertise and common sense about your business card.

Final verdict:

For any business and organization, it is important to have digital business cards. They are a wonderful tool for promoting your business. If you have just started a small business and do not have a huge budget for business cards, ShareEcard will help you to reach your goal. We offer a single-based subscription of 10 $ that is budget friendly and eco-friendly as well. Don’t forget to explore our gallery collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a business card on Microsoft PowerPoint?

Yes, just follow the instructions carefully and your business card is ready in a few clicks.

What is the common size of a business card?

The standard business cards generally prefer 3.5 × 2.0 inches.

What to include in your business card?

Here is important information to include in your business card.

●       Name of the company

●       What’s your goal

●       Add your portfolio

●       Email/ phone number/ website links

●       Social media links

●       Your personal logo