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cPanel Hosting Vs Shared Hosting – a common question that many people have is whether you should go for cPanel hosting or shared hosting. DomainRacer is only the one who offers cheap web hosting with cpanel and also other types of wordpress hosting services very best and good.

And the answer to this question depends on your requirements and the needs of your business. 

With cPanel you have full control over all aspects like security, performance and reliability.

At the other hand with shared hosting you get access to a web host’s control panel which may not be as good as cPanel-based hosting.

The performance of both cpanel hosting versus shared hosting may differ with their provider.

Let me make you aware that DomainRacer is one of the most affordable cPanel or Shared hosting provider, you may ever get on the web.

Reasons are multiple: 21x Fast LiteSpeed cache technology, 99.99% uptime, High security tool (more than 7) etc.

Key Features of cPanel Hosting and Shared Hosting
Most Popular Panel Interface  Most used hosting type
East to manage websites  It’s very cost-effective
Access to all features  Easy  navigation
Many softwares options  Install addons easily

cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel is a popular control panel for web hosting, which means that it’s the interface you use to manage your website. The solution for cheapest cost recommended platform of cpanel reseller hosting services offers free whmcs module, cpanel/whm features

It’s also called “CPanel” or “Cpanel Web Hosting” because it allows users to manage their websites in much the same way as an operating system for computers.

The main difference between shared hosting and cPanel hosting is that with shared hosting, you don’t have access to all of the features provided by cPanel; instead, only some of them are available on shared servers.

If you will go with the cPanel hosting of DomainRacer, then in this case you will get more advantages.

As DomainRacer is the provider of all those features that that are desired by you such as High computing power, Cloud based SSD-service, Litespeed Technology and what not.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common type of web hosting. Shared hosting is a kind of web hosting in which many websites are hosted on one server.

Shared hosting is a cost-effective hosting option. Check out the comparison between cPanel Hosting Vs Shared Hosting.

Cpanel hosting vs shared hosting:

cPanel has been around since 1998 when it was released as part of the Homestead release by MySQL. 

cPanel allows you to easily manage your websites, databases and other internet resources from one central location via an easy-to-use graphical interface called “Cpanel”.

You can install additional modules (called addons) from within this interface so that you can have access to even more features than what’s available out-of-the box with cPanel!

cPanel hosting or shared hosting?

If you’re looking for the best use of cpanel hosting over Linux hosting solution for your website, then cPanel hosting or shared hosting is for you.

If you want to learn more about the difference between shared hosting and cpanel hosting these two types of hosting, keep reading!

Difference between cPanel and Shared Hosting –

  • The difference between cPanel and Shared Hosting is that while cPanel is a web hosting control panel that provides users with a graphical interface.
  • Shared Hosting is a type of web hosting where a single server hosts multiple websites that are shared by all the websites hosted on it.
  • People who are planning to start small websites for personal or business use can choose Shared Hosting because it’s easy for them to manage their sites without having any technical knowledge.
  • Another factor that makes cPanel easier to use is its automation features, which allow website owners to add new content without having any technical knowledge about servers and programming languages by just adding simple commands in the program itself.

Here let me also share a pro point with you and that is while purchasing cpanel versus shared hosting you must also look at its provider, of course, it must be good, fast and affordable.

The cpanel or shared hosting provider must provide you with the latest technology features, a good speed and uptime and last but not least, the cost should also be affordable.

After describing these many features, I would like to recommend you only DomainRacer cpanel or shared hosting provider.

As here you will get all those features, which must be there in a good cpanel hosting with shared hosting provider.

Which Hosting Type should you Choose?

  • If you’re looking for more power and control cpanel between shared hosting over your website, then cPanel Hosting is the way to go. 
  • It’s user-friendly and easy to use, so even if you’re not a tech expert, it’ll be easy enough for anyone to figure out.
  • However, cPanel Hosting requires more technical knowledge than shared hosting does—you’ll have access only to the parts of your site that are hosted on the server (such as images). 
  • This means that if there’s an issue with any part of your site (like an image), other users won’t see it until they log into their account as well.
  • Shared hosting also provides less control over how much bandwidth each user gets on their websites or apps; however, this can be addressed by purchasing additional services like CDN and SSL certificates.

cPanel Hosting and Shared Hosting Have Some Basic Differences:

cPanel Hosting and Shared Hosting have some basic differences in terms of hosting environment, speed, performance, ease of access and customer support.

  • cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels used by web hosts today. 
  • It allows you to manage your website with ease on a single platform that works across multiple browsers and devices.
  • This type of hosting is good for beginners because it offers a wide range of features at an affordable price point compared to other types such as VPS or dedicated servers. 


If you’re considering switching from cPanel hosting to shared hosting, here are some important factors to consider. 

You should always weigh the pros and cons of cpanel over shared hosting each option carefully before making a decision.

The biggest difference between the two is that with cPanel hosting, everything happens in your web browser, while with shared hosting, there is an actual server that handles everything for you. 

This means that if something goes wrong with one of your websites or databases, then all users will experience it no matter where they’re located around the world! 

Along with this, choosing DomainRacer for cPanel or Shared hosting is going to be one of the best decisions of your life.

Because as I have told you earlier, the reasons are many.

With DomainRacer you will get many 7+ high-security tools, 1-click softaculous script, free website builder, free weekly Jetbackup and many more.

Another thing is how quickly these servers can respond when things need fixing – this can make all the difference when it comes time for customers who rely on your services regularly.