Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024 is another phony Mystery Box online store. The phony stores draw possible casualties to them by publicizing via web-based media with absurdly low costs that are unrealistic. When the potential casualties put in a request, their cash will be taken from their records however they won’t ever get their orders. Also, if the phony stores are reached, the con artists working them postpone the casualties from opening a debate with their banks to recuperate their cash, by asserting their request are in transit when they were rarely transported.

Sometimes, the following number given to the casualties are fakes. In different cases, the casualties are given following numbers from other real stores that show the orders were conveyed, yet those numbers have nothing to do with the phony stores, and the tricksters never sent their casualties’ orders.

Furthermore, if the casualties open a debate with PayPal or their banks, the monetary foundations may accept the casualties are lying on the grounds that the following numbers show the orders were conveyed. Indeed, the orders were conveyed, yet the following numbers have nothing to do with the orders made at the phony or false stores.

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