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For heavy load occasions, it should generally be tighter than the cooperation between light load and normal load occasions. The heavier the load, the larger the cooperative interference should be.


The installation and disassembly method of the bearing should be determined according to the structure, size and cooperation with the oil-free bearing components of the SKF bearing. Therefore, the design and equipment section are fully discussed. Equipment according to the standard. The tasks of this project are as follows: General Criteria

(1) The inner ring and the shaft of SKF bearings are tightly cooperated, and the outer ring and the housing are loosely cooperated. The bearing can be press-fitted on the bearing first by a press, and then the shaft and the bearing are put into the housing together. When press-fitting Pad a soft metal equipment casing (copper or soft steel pipe) on the end face of the SKF bearing. The inner diameter of the equipment casing should be slightly larger than the journal diameter, and the outer diameter should be smaller than the rib diameter of the bearing inner diameter to avoid pressing on the cage. A handle can be added to the sleeve when a large number of equipment has no oil bearing.

(2) The inner ring and the shaft, the outer ring and the housing hole of the SKF bearing are in close cooperation. The end face of the equipment sleeve should be made into a ring that can compress the end face of the inner and outer rings of the bearing together, or use a disc and equipment sleeve. The pressure is transmitted to the inner and outer rings together, and the SKF bearing is pressed into the shaft and into the housing. This kind of equipment method is especially suitable for the equipment of the radial spherical bearing that can be self-aligned.

(3) The outer ring of the SKF bearing cooperates closely with the casing hole, and the inner ring and the shaft cooperate loosely. The bearing can be pressed into the casing first. At this time, the outer diameter of the equipment sleeve should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the casing hole. .

(4) Heating equipment, put the SKF bearing or separable bearing ring into the oil tank or special heater before hot-loading and evenly heat it to 80~100℃ (should not exceed 100℃).

The quality of the cage of imported SKF bearings is very good, but in the daily work of oil-free bearings, incorrect operation will reduce the life of the bearing cage and even cause it to crack. The equipment is not in place, tilted, and the amount of interference is too large, which can easily lead to reduced clearance, aggravate conflict and heat generation, soften the surface, and prematurely fall abnormally. The work of the cage is retarded and additional load is generated, which increases the wear of the cage. Such a deteriorated cycle effect may cause the cage to crack.

SKF oil-free bearings work in an oil-poor condition, which is easy to cause adhesive wear, which deteriorates the working surface condition. The tearing objects generated by the adhesive wear are easy to enter the cage, causing abnormal load on the cage, which may cause the cage to crack. The sliding phenomenon of the creep multi-finger ferrule, in the absence of the interference of the cooperating surface, causes the load point to move to the surrounding direction due to the sliding, resulting in the phenomenon that the ferrule is contrary to the axis or the casing in the circumferential direction.

What are the reasons for choosing the sliding type of skf imported bearings?

Why choose plain bearings?

– Works with static and dynamic overloading;

– Multidirectional movement;

– Misalignment is tolerated;

– Radically eliminate marginal stress and excessive stress on adjacent components;

– Allows deformation of peripheral components during operation;

-Allows larger production service and can use low-cost welded components.

Why choose SKF plain bearings?

– Rich product selection, suitable for different application conditions;

– Provides a lifetime lubrication option to reduce grease usage;

-Provide high corrosion resistance version;

– Offers various sizes;

-The range includes spherical and radial plain bearings as well as rod ends, bushings/bushings and pivot joints.


How much will it cost 10 pieces MGN7HС? How much is the delivery service in Kazakhstan? How many days of delivery?

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