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It would help if you had a beach towel to spend time near the sea. Beach towels may be used as a blanket, cover-up, and tanning bed, among other things. Since beach towels are subjected to more abrasion from the sun, chlorine, and seawater than standard bath towels, they must be more durable.

Selecting the ideal beach towel is crucial since it should be easy to keep, quick to dry, and comfortable. The following are things to consider while buying the ideal beach towel for the summer.

  • Colors and Design

Beach towels should be visually appealing and eye-catching because you will carry them around while wearing your swimwear. Because light-colored textiles stain more quickly, people typically choose darker hues and patterned motifs. 

Beach towel designs typically feature graphic or themed towels with complex patterns. Beach towels are an excellent opportunity to show off your style and individuality. However, remember to choose the appropriate size and absorbent fabric by looking beyond design.

  • Size

Consider your planned use, the size of your beach bag and your body size to choose the appropriate beach towel size. A smaller towel works fine for covering up or lying on while relaxing, while a larger towel is better for drying off after bathing or swimming. 

Verify that the towel will suitably fit your beach bag and cover your lounge or beach chair. A smaller towel could be enough if you are shorter or have a smaller frame, but a larger towel would be preferred if you are taller or have a larger body type.

  • Material

There are several possibilities when it comes to the towel’s material. Popular options include organic cotton, bamboo, and linen, especially for people who value sustainability and environmental friendliness. These materials provide softness, absorbency, and durability and are renewable and natural.

However, when it comes to beach towels, the most popular materials are microfiber and cotton. Your demands and preferences will ultimately determine the material you pick for your beach towel. 

  • Sand Resistance is Essential

Owning a beach towel that removes sand might improve your life. Materials like microfiber or quick-drying towels are perfect for the beach because of their inherent resistance to sand. Additionally, some towels feature coverings that repel sand, making it simple to shake off stray grains. Towels resistant to sand should have a smooth surface or a tight weave to prevent sand from being trapped.

  • Absorbency

Since one of a beach towel’s primary uses is to dry off after a swim, absorbency must be considered top. Microfiber towels may be highly absorbent despite being thinner than cotton towels. 

Cotton towels are known for absorbing water quickly. Also, remember that your towel will absorb more with continued use and cleaning.

The key to selecting the ideal beach towel is to choose the one that best meets your requirements and tastes. Before making a purchase, always remember to do your homework and read reviews. You should also be bold and spend a little money on a high-quality, long-lasting towel that will last you many beach vacations. You can unwind, take in the sun, and take advantage of everything the beach offers when you have the appropriate beach towel.

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