Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Economy cars and luxury cars are in high demand by the tourists of Dubai. When you think of traveling to the emirate, you must be thinking of driving one of those extravagant and luxurious cars. Of course, you would want to go to those many tourist spots, restaurants, and luxurious malls, around the city. Driving is the best way to move around the city. 

Public transportation may not take you to every corner of the city, and driving gives you the freedom to drive at your own pace. You have a range of options to choose from. You can rent a car according to your budget. Here we have discussed some of the crucial aspects of luxury and the economy cars to help you choose the best one.


Price is one of the major factors to consider while renting a car in Dubai. Any car that you rent must be budget-friendly. You would not like to go off your budget. There is a huge difference in the price of renting an economy and a luxury car. The cost of renting an economy car is considerably lower than the cost of renting a luxury car. 

For example, the cost of an economy car like Kia Sonnet is AED 100 per day, whereas a luxury car like Lamborghini Huracan STO 2022 is AED 8500 per day. However, renting from top car rental companies like One Click Drive will give you several discounts and various other benefits. Choose the one that best accommodates your budget.


Luxury cars are all about elevated comfort. The features in the Luxury cars are far more sophisticated and intricately designed than in economy cars. Cowhide seats, well-designed sound systems, and GPS are some of the standard features that can be found in every luxury car. While an economy car prioritizes the passenger’s journey, a luxury car rental prioritizes the passenger’s comfort. Economy cars are only embedded with the extremely necessary features, but luxury gives you something extra to extraordinary the journey.

Fuel Consumption

An economy is known for its minimal fuel consumption and saving money. However, the intricate features of luxury cars amplify fuel consumption. High-end cars consume the most fuel because of the demanding engine. Though they provide you the comfort you need, they are less fuel efficient when compared to economy cars. 

Safety Standards

Both the economy and luxury cars are safe to drive. However, luxury cars have more in-built safety features than economy cars. Economy cars have basic safety features like airbags, child lock, etc. Luxury cars provide a more extensive range of safety features like a rear-view camera, safety exit assist, etc.

Which one to choose?

The final verdict is that both cars are unique in their ways. Before renting a car, one should know the purpose of renting and define their budget accordingly. Often, renters are in a state of the dilemma of making a choice. Whether you are for a short vacation or a business trip, renting a car would make it easier to explore the city. It is evident from the discussion that luxury cars are pricier to rent and use. Though the price is a significant factor when renting a car, it should not dominate the other important factors. 

Other important factors to consider are the duration of the car usage, speed, mileage, distance covered, terrain, and purpose of renting a car. For example, renting an economy would not be beneficial if you plan to go off-road. Therefore, the first important thing to consider is the purpose of renting and then make an informed decision. If you wish to treat yourself in luxury, several options are available. Select and book your favorite car with One Click Drive.

Why should you rent a car from One Click Drive?

There are a lot of top car rental companies in Dubai like One Click Drive where you can easily find everything from cheap and affordable cars to luxury, sports, exotic and other cars. The best thing is that you can also get a car with a chauffeur service. You are eligible to rent any car in Dubai if you have the required documents. Whether you want to rent an economical car or a luxury, One Click Drive offers you every car of your dream and choice. Rent a car for a daily to monthly basis easily even from Whatsapp!