Mon. May 20th, 2024

Sales reps often have to deal with the frustrating responsibility of cold calling. Even though it is frustrating, a sales rep cannot ignore it. Even in 2022, it remains an effective way of bringing a client onboard. What makes cold calling important is the fact that even though the conversation rate is low, conversions do happen. In any industry, even if there is the slightest chance of making a conversion, one cannot ignore it. It is not uncommon for a salesperson to complain that cold calling is not working owing to its low success rate. However, you can increase the success rate with proper skill and knowledge. Sometimes, simply keeping the Best Rebuttals for Sales Objection handy can also increase the success of cold calling. If you are trying your hands on cold calling, stay away from these common cold calling mistakes.

Talking to the wrong person

A novice salesperson gets excited simply because someone is listening to their pitch only to realise that they are talking to the wrong person. If you end up describing all the product features to a person who does not have the decision-making power in their hand, you are simply wasting your time. Therefore, you first need to check whether the person is even qualified to hear your pitch or not.

Ensure that the person is either the decision-maker or is someone who can connect you to the decision-maker. It is only after ensuring that you should start your sales pitch.

A long introductory speech

Any speech in the cold call above a minute will fail. Give a short introductory speech and try to wrap it up within 30 seconds if possible. After introducing yourself, start questioning the prospect to understand their needs.

In the beginning, you can keep your questions open-ended. After knowing the actual requirement, you can shift to more product-specific questions.

Not listening to the prospect

A common fear of a sales rep when making cold calls is that the prospect will disconnect the call. Therefore, many sales reps make the mistake of making a sales pitch without caring to listen. If you do it, the client will anyway disconnect the call!

Putting across your point is necessary; however, it is equally important to listen to the prospect. You can only offer a valuable solution when listening to the potential client.

Giving a cold call without a research

You will most probably fail if you start cold calling immediately after receiving a prospect list. Understand that the list includes different people or companies with different requirements. The same sales pitch will not work for all, even if you sell the same product or service.

You can avoid this blunder by doing basic research on your prospect. With information like firmographic data and recent trigger events, you can offer them a better value proposition, which will generate their interest.

Using the standard sales script

A sales rep is often offered resources like generic sales scripts to help them through cold calling. The truth is that if you have done your research well, you do not need to use the typical sales script. As discussed above, the same sales pitch will not work for all. Therefore, using the common or a generic sales script is a big no.

You can use the script for brushing up on the necessary skills, but once you are done with it, do not stick to it. Try to maintain a natural flow of conversation.

Focusing only on pitching

Even if you are cold calling for a sales pitch, simply focusing on pitching is a big no. Pitching sounds pushy and this eliminates the chances of building a rapport. Instead of pitching, focus on discussing with a prospect.

Try to have a friendly conversation with your prospect to build rapport. In the middle of the discussion, you should cleverly sell your service. Conversation can happen when more than a person is talking! Pitching instead of discussing closes that door for you; therefore, you should refrain from committing this mistake.

You can tremendously increase your conversion rate if you avoid these common cold calling mistakes. However, remember that not all cold calls will be a success, irrespective of whether you avoid these mistakes or not. It is because, during your cold calling, you are simply trying out your luck.