Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

In today’s competitive market, getting your business to stand out from the crowd takes more than breaking your bank for billboards. It is more about the little tools you can effectively use to drive engagement and get noticed.

SMS is one easy-to-use tool you can leverage to grow your business. Its effectiveness gives your brand the edge it needs to cut through the clutter and stand out — but only if utilized correctly.

One of the best ways to maximize SMS marketing is by choosing the right sender ID. That’s right.

Your business can have its own sender ID applied through a bulk SMS provider. In Kenya, for instance, the sender ID has to be approved by your network providers, such as Safaricom, Airtel, or Telkom Kenya.

The sender ID is personalized using an alpha tag, which can be your business name or a combination of letters and numbers. Alpha tags are also known as the alphanumeric sender ID.

You can also choose to use a dedicated virtual mobile number. This works like a regular mobile phone number but can be used by various personnel in your office.

Of course, your option eventually depends on your SMS marketing objectives and goals — particularly if you want to give customers a chance to respond.

Here are the benefits of each method:

Using Alphanumeric Sender ID For Branded, One-Way SMS

Registering for an alpha tag allows you to send bulk SMS using your brand name. And it is accompanied by some conspicuous benefits.

Sending bulk SMS with your name helps you build credibility, transparency, and trust. It assures customers that the message is legit.

The alphanumeric tag also makes your message memorable and easy to locate.

However, one disadvantage to using alpha tags is that it doesn’t allow for 2-way communication. If you use an alphanumeric sender ID, you can only send an SMS to the customer without allowing them to respond.

That said, this type of sender ID is helpful for the following types of bulk SMS:

Promotional texts, such as offers and sales

Two-factor authentication

Emergency texts, alerts, and notifications

Of course, it goes without saying that while sending these messages, recipients should always have an easy way to opt-out.

An excellent example of an opt-out line is something like “Reply Stop to opt-out.”

Need 2-Way SMS? Use a Dedicated Virtual Mobile Number

If you want to engage customers on a personal level, that is, open a feedback channel with bulk SMS, then you should use a dedicated virtual mobile number instead.

This number looks exactly like your regular phone number, only that multiple people can use it to send text messages.

This is advantageous because no matter who reaches out to the customer, it will show up with the same number. That way, your business’s messaging remains on a single thread, making it easy for the customers to track the conversations.

Best of all, you can open a two-way conversation with customers, which is crucial when sending certain types of messages, including:

  • Reminders, appointments, and reminders
  • Offers and discounts with a call to action
  • Surveys
  • Customer care support
  • Staff/employee communications

Using a dedicated number also allows customers to save your brand name in their contact list – which is vital for brand recognition in the long run.

Need a Sender ID? Let’s go!

It’s easy to get started with a sender ID with Celcom Africa. Alphanumeric tags are free if you already have an account, but you can also request a dedicated sender ID for better engagement. It takes one business day to get verified.

Reach out today for more information.