Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Assembling an inventory of the most appropriate keywords to use in a new pay-per-click campaign can be challenging. This is one method I use to select keywords to use for Google display ads.

If you’ve created an individual campaign to target only display ads selecting the right keywords for your text and banner ads is relatively simple.

Where to Look for Keywords

Google provides a no-cost keyword tool known as Insights. The device will inform you of the top 10 searches related to your targeted market and the entire ten most rapidly growing search terms for your target market. Twenty keywords in an ad group are generally enough when you begin experimenting with display advertising for your company.

How It works

Since you communicate with your clients in different ways through display ads, it’s not necessary to search for highly targeted keywords as it is for search marketing. Display advertising is a great way to reach out to the people in your market in general and get the attention of those who are interested. This marketing strategy is like outdoor billboards, radio, TV, and newspaper advertisements.

The first thing I do is choose my broad keywords so that I can cover every segment of my target market. Let’s suppose you own the hardware store. You probably sell tools, fasteners, painting supplies, etc. These would be the broad keywords you would use: tools, fasteners, painting equipment. We’d use this approach for each of our divisions of products or services.

Then, visit Google For Insights and type these keywords one at a time. Select the top results from your search and add them to your ad group. Then, right-click to create a simple ad to inform the viewer that you have tools, fasteners, etc.


Using Google Insights for your keyword study is now easier to find the right keywords for your advertising campaigns.

  • Find the broad-match keywords which apply to all of your business segments
  • Paste the code into Google Insights Set filters and look up
  • Top 10 search results for download and the top 10 most popular searches into advertising groups
  • Simply broad-based ads like “Paint Supplies on Sale Now,” View Online Now.”

Be sure to keep your display keyword and ads simple. Don’t try to concentrate too much. While your keywords will tell Google which markets you would like to target, keeping track of your budgets, bidding, conversions, and managing your positions properly is where you must pay attention. If you use other tools for keyword research that are not Google Insights, limit your search to twenty-five keywords or less to get the most effective results.

Here’s a link to more details about this network. Google Display Network. We wish you the best of luck in your advertising on display!

Brian is a Google Certified Partner who specializes in AdWords Pay-Per-Click Management. He is a proud partner with Tennesseans who are new to acquiring clients and sales via the internet and with those who wish to grow their existing online marketing efforts.