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Children's Camp. What's More: Pros or Cons?Children's Camp. What's More: Pros or Cons?

What camp should I choose for my child’s first trip? What is a “change” and whether it is necessary to prepare in any special way? These are the kind of questions parents have who have never sent their child to camp, and the answers can be found on the camp website But it is difficult even for those parents who have already had experience in this matter.

What is a children’s summer camp?

This is such a form of recreation of children, based on the principles of collective interaction. What does it mean? It is when the campers (I wonder if there are such holiday camps for parents) are formed into units by age, each of which is assigned 2-3 counselors. Important: A counselor is not a teacher, but he has a number of very important functions. These are:

Entertaining – he helps the troop get stronger when separated from their home and helps the kids make new friends. Shows them how to have fun and participate in all the programs they have planned. He is a friend who is always in a good mood.

Educational – he is an example to other children, talks to them a lot, discusses problems or conflicts in the team and even in the world. Trying to maintain a positive attitude between the children.

Preservation of health – the counselor is obliged to return the child at least as he arrived at the camp. Or even better than before.

What camp to send your child

Conventionally, children’s camps are divided into three subtypes. The difference between them is the scale of the institution.

Choose a camp should be based on its reputation (reviews, reviews, social networks), feedback from parents and the availability of necessary documents for this activity.

The camp must have a license in two cases: when providing medical and health services (license for medical activities) or educational services (license for educational activities). Clubs and sections are not educational, but recreational services, so they do not need a license. Summer schools, for example, must have such a license. Always ask the camp administration about these documents.

Meals at Camp

Nutrition at children’s camp is more important than all the activities, many parents believe. We can argue about the priorities, but it is undeniable that the food on the children’s tables should be high-quality, healthy, tasty and meeting the standards of the law. But the organization of children’s meals at camp can be different.

The most common meal plan is five meals a day. In this case, the menu at children’s camp includes three full meals and two snacks, usually between lunch and dinner, as well as before bedtime. Sometimes another snack is added between breakfast and lunch.

At a country camp for teens and young adults, meals may be four or three meals a day. In tent camps often also use a simplified, three meals a day scheme. Note, however, that the children eat hot, freshly cooked food three times a day, and a snack is added to that.

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