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When your child turns a year older, you’ll be looking to mark the occasion with a treat, a party, or a surprise. For those children growing up in Connecticut, there are literally hundreds of different places in which you could celebrate, from natural enclaves to the most exciting of birthday party venues, set up for children to enjoy. With your child’s next birthday just around the corner, here’s some advice to help you make the very best birthday experience for your children in Connecticut this coming year. 

Bold Venues

Start your search by looking at the best kids birthday party places in Orange Connecticut. What you’ll find will blow your mind, mostly because the most impressive venues have only risen up in the past handful of years. They include huge centers in which children are assigned a private room for play and laughter, as well as having access to a litany of different rooms, activities, games, and adventures. These venues are a sensory overload and simply the most fun your child can have under one roof, and they’re well worth looking into for your child’s next birthday. 

Escape the Cities

Your child might be more of a quiet type – a gentle soul who prefers the quiet of nature to the sounds of the big city and the screams of an indoor play area. As such, you might be looking instead for birthday treats that go into the heart of nature – a quiet and solitude that you can share with your child for their next birthday. To prepare, research the best camping spots in the area, purchase all the gear you’ll need – perhaps as a present to your child – and ready yourself for an expedition that’ll see you and your child light at the wonder of nature. 

Big City Treats

If you’re based in Connecticut, you’re just a hop, skip, and a jump from New York, and all the pleasures that the city holds in store for young people. From the most incredible restaurants to the world’s most dazzling stage shows, there’s always something in the big city for your children to enjoy. With their birthday coming up, you should consider what’s on in the city, and whether you can set aside some time to travel into New York, sample one of its many delights, and perhaps stay the night in a hotel to mark the occasion of your child’s birthday. 


Finally, with play areas covered and outdoor camping trips noted in this guide, there’s a glaring omission that unites the two: outdoor adventures. You’ll know some of the forms that these can take, including paintball arenas, outdoor adventure playgrounds, high-wire climbing routes, and zip lines through the trees. All of these make fabulous birthday events and can be easily accessed within just an hour of any location in Connecticut. This is a great way for your children to play with their friends in a memorable outdoor arena of fun. 

Choose one of these four activities for your child’s next birthday party, all easily accessible for those raising children in Connecticut. 

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