Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Checkwordcounter:9 Tips for Improving Your Writing Style

Writing is a form of art, and not everyone can master it. Therefore, for any writing project, style is vital. However, different types of writing styles are available in the corporate, academic, and social media world. Moreover, the style may differ under various factors like the writer’s perceptions, the author’s tone, etc. For example, if you write short or two-line content, the style would be different, whereas it would be different for long content like blogs or articles. 

So to enrich your writing style, you must first stick to a particular word count. Moreover, you should use a free word counter online and quantify your words. 

Let’s get deep into the article to learn more tips to improve your writing style. Let’s get started!

What Is Meant by Writing Style?

Before we get into the concepts of improving the writing style, we should have a clear idea of the writing style definition. In simple terms, the writing style is the voice or tone a writer uses to express his ideas. As said earlier, every writer might have a different writing style. However, to become a good writer, you must use different writing styles by knowing the purpose of writing. 

Types of Writing Styles

In general, there are four types of writing styles available. Writers shall obtain one of these styles and spice it up with their style. Some of the types are as follows, 

  • Expository writing – This type of writing is used to explain facts or information. Examples include scientific writing, technical writing, and news articles. 
  • Descriptive writing – It is where the writer shall describe any picture or scenario. 
  • Narrative writing – This includes novels, books, short stories, etc. Type is more of creative writing that provides for the plots, characters, etc., 
  • Persuasive writing is mainly used for advertisements where the writers, through their writing styles, would influence the readers. This writing style primarily includes academic writing. 

Tips to Improve the Writing Styles

1.Be to the Point

To do good writing, you must be clear and concise with your writing style. Readers today only have a little time to read articles, so you must be to the point and in the most direct way so your audience can understand your concepts properly. 

2.Choose Your Words

The choice of words plays a significant role in writing style. If you want to convey your ideas modernly, then you have to search for the vocabulary and use them in your texts. On the other hand, if you write with simple words conveying to all the readers, then you have to write in a conversational tone. 

3.Write Short Sentences

Short sentences or short paragraphs are the ones that make the audience more engaged with your writing. Therefore, every sentence you write should have some idea in it. In informal writing, short paragraphs and sentences are easy to read and understand by the audience. The audience would appreciate this practice. Moreover, you shall use a word counter checker and effortlessly find the appropriate word count. 

4.Use Active Voice

Active voice is the most direct way to make a way to your point. To present the information in a more straightforward way to the audience, active voices are most recommendable. So try to keep your sentences short and communicable. Furthermore, you shall always keep this in mind to maintain professionalism in your writing style. 

5.Focus on the Beginning and the End

The core of any article is based on the beginning and the end sentences. So writers have to focus on spending some extra time grabbing the reader’s attention. So make your first and last sentences perfect so everything will fall into place. Solid and informative sentences drive more audiences to your profile. 

6.Follow the Basic Rules

To continue smooth writing, you must correctly follow English grammar rules. Check out the punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes throughout the article. Before publishing, you have to check once or twice before. Follow specific rules to ensure your content performs well on the internet. Even in some articles, it is necessary to maintain the word count. So, try using a Check Word Counter and reduce your writing errors. 

7.Observe Your Surroundings

Once you learn to listen, you will become a great writer. Even you have to read so many magazines and books. You shall also listen to your local audience’s language, etc. With this, you may write different content for specific geographical audiences. You may even discuss with your fellow writers for a better understanding of the concepts. 

8.Be Consistent

Consistency is an essential criterion for any writing. Keep your writing style strong once it is a bigger hit. Whenever and wherever your audience reads your writings, they should recognize you easily. So consistently try your best. Sure, your content may hit on the platforms. 

9.Cut Unnecessary Words

Readers would expect you to provide with required and relevant information. So try to keep it appropriate as possible. Avoid the usage of redundant words and self-references. Use more verbs than that nouns. Try using parallelism. Be specific with your content. You have to use a conversational tone to convey the information correctly. 


As an English proverb, practice makes a man perfect. So read more and try to keep improving your writing. Try to write and post every day. Furthermore, it would help if you did not repeat yourself with the same writing style. Once you begin to practice, you will automatically see the difference in the reach. With constant dedication and the use of thesaurus and dictionaries, it is possible to change your writing style. Always take inspiration from your peers so that you might explore more writing. It is not a one-day task to achieve, it may take time. So be patient until you learn things. We hope the article is quite helpful for all beginner writers. Be natural and If you find the article more interesting, then you shall comment below. Thanks for reading!