Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

It is difficult to find companies that offer cheap car insurance for 19 year old drivers as most of the car insurance companies consider them to be “high risk” coverage propositions. From statistics, it has been revealed that the probability of teen and young drivers to meet with accidents is high. And car insurers compensate these coverage risks by charging substantially higher premiums. On an average, 19 year olds tend to pay about $3,319 per year to get their vehicles insured. This is almost 200 times more than national average auto insurance rates for drivers across the United States. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel as 19 year old drivers can get a discount of $110 on their yearly premium and things can improve even more after attaining the age of 20.

Besides, car insurance for 19 year old male drivers could be more expensive than that of the female counterparts. If you look at the car insurance rates provided by various top rated auto insurance companies in the U.S. then you will find that the USAA offers the cheapest car covers to teen drivers followed by GEICO. Nevertheless, apart from age and gender, there could few other factors which can affect teen drivers’ auto insurance rates. These include the type, make and model of the vehicle that is to be insured as well as grades in academics. So, to locate the best and cheapest quote for a 19 year old driver, it is vital that you do extensive shopping and compare multiple free quotes from several different insurers in terms of coverage limits, features as well as pricing. 

Here is some information relating to cheap car insurance for 19 year old drivers by 8 leading U.S. auto insurers. 

Company                       Monthly insurance premium                   6 months insurance premium 

Allstate                                  $339                                                                    $2036 

Farmers Insurance              $329                                                                      $1979 

GEICO                                    $199                                                                   $1198 

Liberty Mutual                     $326                                                                       $1959 

Nationwide                           $294                                                                      $1768 

Progressive                           $318                                                                     $1909 

State Farm                            $233                                                                      $1403 

USAA                                      $169                                                                    $1018 

The main reason why 19 year old drivers are required to spend for car insurance is that the accident rates for teen drivers are 400% more than those of senior drivers. This coupled with frequent claims filing adds up to the financial risks faced by insurers thereby leading to tremendous hike in premium.   

However, it could be possible to save money on car insurance for 19 year old male or female drivers by following the below mentioned guidelines.  

1. Shop and compare free quote estimates every 6 or 12 months. If you find a cheaper quote for the same coverage, you can always consider switching over to a new insurer. You only need to make sure that your car coverage is continuous. 

2. if you are a college or high school student who has maintained good grades in your academics with an average B grade  or GPA of 3.0 or above consistently for the last 3 years then you can inquire with insurers whether you are eligible to get a premium discount.   

3. To qualify for an additional discount you can get enrolled for a defensive driver’s training course with a government certified institute. Such a proposal will also make you a responsible driver when on road. 

4. For improving chances of finding cheap car insurance for 19 year old drivers, make sure that you don’t drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It increases the possibility of meeting with an accident and filing claims due to which premiums will increase later on. 

5. Premiums can be kept low by opting for a telematics auto insurance policy. Insurer may monitor the exact number of miles that you drive throughout the year by installing a black box type device in your vehicle before passing on a premium discount.     

6. Yet another way to save extra dollars on your auto insurance premium is to consider driving an old cheap car which has less market worth. By doing so, you may not have to purchase comprehensive and collision coverage features which are highly expensive. 

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