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dog breedsCharacteristics of dog breeds to make the right choice

It is said that dogs often resemble their master. If it is sometimes true for the physical aspect, it is otherwise for the character! In addition, a dog should suit your lifestyle and that of your family .

If you want an affectionate and sociable dog, able to play with children, or a dog who barks a little because you live in an apartment, it is better to know as much as possible about dog breeds before adopting a little fur ball. Here is a small overview of the personalities of dog breeds to make the right choice!  

Airedale terrier – The king of terriers

The Airedale Terrier is a breed believed to have been created in the 1850s by breeders in Yorkshire. Always on the alert while being very docile, dogs of this breed prove to be good hunters and reliable guardians.

Basset hound – Slow motion

Famous as the cartoon character Droopy, the basset hound has a reputation for being a particularly stubborn dog. However, under his sad look and slow reflexes hides an affectionate dog, mischievous and gentle with children.

Beagle – For active people

It takes energy to take care of a beagle! Energetic, playful and resentful of loneliness, the beagle is the antithesis of Snoopy, its most famous representative!

German Shepherd – An Altruistic Canine

Possessing fine hearing and a remarkable sense of smell, the German Shepherd is the king of tracking. Protective towards children, he is sporty, rigorous and determined, but he can also be fearful. Obedient and particularly faithful to his masters, he quickly made himself loved. He is one of the smartest and most affectionate dogs. It is often used as a guide dog or assistance dog for people with disabilities.

Australian Shepherd – The sportsman par excellence

Extremely active, the Australian Shepherd is mainly used in herding and as a guard dog on farms. An accomplished sportsman, he excels in several canine sports. Affectionate, gentle and faithful, he must exert himself daily.

Shetland Sheepdog – A dog with talent

Sometimes called “mini Lassie” in reference to the famous collie from the television series, the Shetland Sheepdog is the result of crossing Shetland Islands dogs and collies. He is therefore a cousin of the Collie.

Friendly, intelligent and attached to his masters, the Sheltie is a very active dog that demonstrates a great capacity for learning in the practice of sports. Having a great affection for the family, he does not support violence, nor too much loneliness. Shelties make wonderful companion dogs for the family.

Bichon Maltese – The Perfect Companion

The Bichon is a cheerful, fun-loving dog that can win hearts very easily. Very sociable with humans and other animals, the Bichon Frize is a very poor guardian, but can sometimes alert you when a stranger comes to your home. He is very comfortable in an apartment or a house with a garden. It is a dog that needs a lot of attention and will not be able to spend long hours alone at home without crying or causing damage.

Border collie – A dog and his obsessions

Obsession with games and activities, obsession with his masters, obsession with bringing together everything that seems to be dispersing or fleeing… Despite everything, the border collie is intelligent, balanced and only requires a little flexibility on the part of their masters in order to blossom fully.

Boston terrier – A molosser with a tender heart

Cold and clingy on winter days, the Boston Terrier is an intelligent, affectionate and playful dog. A good guard dog, he adores his master, from whom he would never want to be separated. It is a very pleasant companion, but it must be admitted… a little intrusive!

English Bulldog – Yes sir!

Designed in the 13th century to take part in arena fights with bulls, the English bulldog has changed a lot since then! Affectionate, he loves human contact and turns out to be a very good companion dog.

Bernese mountain dog – A pot of glue

A little fearful, but very loving (in both senses of the word), the Bernese Mountain Dog is always glued to his masters and is extremely affectionate! This is the Strongest Dog Breeds par excellence for families with young children.

Boxer – A guardian angel

Excellent watchdog, the boxer has a frank character. The attachment and loyalty he shows to his master and all his family have always been known. It is an ideal companion for the whole family.

Weimaraner – Photogenic

Impossible to confuse the dogs of this breed with their silver-gray coat almost bluish. The Weimaraner has a muscular and harmonious look. He is a versatile, docile, lively and very lively dog.

Bullmastiff – A pacifist protector

Protective, intelligent and very sensitive, the bullmastiff hates violence, but knows how to protect his family when the situation requires it. Incredibly patient with children, he is easy to train and does not reach full maturity until he is around 2 and a half years old. His boundless loyalty and devotion make him a very good watchdog and a warm friend for the whole family.

Cairn terrier – Hard as a rock

Originally, the cairn had to be able to support itself before the age of six months. If he was unable to kill prey before that age, he was sacrificed. Very resistant, this dog has a life expectancy of 17 years.

Standard Poodle – Her Majesty

The poodle is the most famous companion dog in the world. Always seeking to please its masters, the standard poodle is motivated by a contagious joie de vivre. If you own a poodle and would like to know more about their diet and eating habits, check this article to see How often should I feed my Poodle?