Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

I couldn’t sleep yesterday when I decided to write this article (actually this neighbor’s stupid dog must have been barking all night). As a professional carpet cleaner since 1975, my articles have always been dedicated to “saying that”. When installed for the first time, all carpets look amazing and new and will look great in 10 years. Or it could be like stepping on a pedestrian! This is what I recommend you read right now, and guide your carpet to future cleaning needs.

Regular and proper cleaning can be a little more expensive than not paying attention to the carpet, but sooner or later the investment will save you a lot of money. Now some of the things I have mentioned here are clear and some of you cannot believe them. But first, let’s go to the dentist …

The dentist will advise you to brush, floss, and brush your teeth regularly. If you follow these tips, your teeth can last a lifetime! What does this have to do with carpets? I recommend that you use a good vacuum to clean the carpet regularly (see cool article on vacuum), and then clean it with a professional cleaner. I know the last part is unnecessary, but it is not. Paying for cleaning does not mean that they are working professionally. But first, let’s talk about the vacuum.

Vacuuming is an important part of the longevity of your carpet, and although I have a separate article on vacuuming, I would like to reconsider some of this information.

When sand and dirt particles get on the mosque carpet, the edges of these small particles become sharper, and when they move they can cut on the surface of the fiber. When the filaments start to erode a lot, the traffic starts to look “dirty”. It’s not dirty, it’s really ruined. Sorry, even if you have the best carpet cleaner in the country (ah, this is me), clear your traffic and the racks are permanent. In fact, here’s a little trick: take a bright light (at least 200 watts) and hold it directly in the moving area to see if your dirt spots are really dirty. . If “dirty” is really dirty, it will be easier for you. However, if it is abrasive, you will not see it. So you can always hang bright lights on your bright paths to hide the abrasions, or you can empty them from the beginning.

Of course, the vacuum frequency can vary between a master suite and a rarely used guest room. You can never relax, but if you don’t try, you can relax often. Even if you don’t see them, there are two things to do when vacuuming. One is the air particles that are filtered through the carpet when you land on the carpet or when the air passes through the house. The other inevitable dust is the dust in your home. These microscopic animals live on everyone’s furniture but can be controlled to some extent by a regular and complete vacuum. Therefore, regular and thorough vacuuming are the two most important parts of keeping a new carpet. Again, this is equivalent to brushing your teeth once or twice a day. is that correct?

However, the dentist should see our hygienist every 6-12 months. Why? Hygiene digs my mouth and wraps it around me! However, it does increase my cleaning and cleansing efforts to chewing gum (and others). Now, carpet cleaners are better than sanitizers. Hygiene will hurt you and cause you to bleed, and then you will have to pay the price. We carpet cleaners will never bother you. We will force you to pay the price. What a cure!

So, do I need to clean my carpet professionally? Nice to hear you! Some carpet makers offer it at least once every 12 months, not often. Some people wanted it under warranty, but I didn’t see it happen. I recommend every 6-12 months depending on the use. Older couples who do not have much space for guests or spa owners need less cleaning. On the other hand, a house like mine needs professional cleaning every 6 months!