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Table casino games are some of the first gambling entertainment invented by mankind. Roulette, dice, card games in the casino occupy a place of honor here, users appreciate them for their simple rules and low entry threshold. After the introduction of classic entertainments of this type to top online casinos Australia, the number of fans of blackjack, poker, baccarat has only increased.

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Advantages of playing cards in the casino

The process becomes more exciting if there is an opportunity to arrange a party with several players. Although the specifics of virtual casinos presuppose more personal dealings in software, online casinos also provide the opportunity for players to play with a live dealer and to participate in joint tournaments at poker tables. Regardless of the type, the advantages of card entertainment are:

  • Profitability of poker and blackjack, compared with other types of “table games” is much higher. For example, the average online casino advantage in European roulette is 2.7%, while in card entertainment it can reach only up to 1%. We got this data thanks to the info from the best online casino reviews.
  • Entertainment value. Some players just want to spend time at the casino games, without learning complex strategies. Others perceive the game as a professional challenge. Casino card games for money guarantee adrenaline for all types of players.
  • Simple rules. Usually, such entertainment is based on competition with the dealer. The player is dealt cards, he compares them with the croupier’s hand – all variants support a similar principle. Change occurs only in the basic rules.
  • Card games – not a bad way to spend an evening, to train your logic and memory, as well as earn some money if you’re lucky enough.

Card games you may encounter at Australian casinos

Some people prefer classic blackjack, others consider participation in poker tournaments the only activity worthy of spending time. However, to identify interesting formats, you need to know what card games available at Australian casinos, so here they are, the most popular card games at AU casinos.


The history of this entertainment goes back about 3 centuries. However, traditional poker appeared only at the beginning of the 20th century.

The principle of the game is to make the right combination of cards given by the dealer. It is necessary to memorize about 10 basic combinations. They can also be found in the payout table of the game.

Over a hundred years the game has evolved and acquired many variations of the rules: some of them are very different from the original version. Different conditions of victory, the order of the deal, the number of cards and opponents.


A popular game of chance, one of the hits at Australian online casinos. In this game you need to get close to 9 points to win. You can participate in the deal yourself or make predictions on one of the sides. Bets are accepted not only on winning, but also on a draw and the total pot.

Baccarat offers less freedom in terms of strategy, because little depends on the visitor’s tactics here. But even this is enough to make the entertainment considered relatively profitable. The bets on the bank and the user’s win at the site are at 1% and 1.24%, respectively.


The second name of the entertainment is “twenty-one”, or “21 points”. The essence of the game is to get such a number of points, which will exceed their value at the croupier. At the same time the points should not exceed 21 in the sum, otherwise will follow an automatic loss. This entertainment is interesting because you can count the cards involved in the game to increase the chances of winning. There are also basic strategies that allow you to act correctly in any scenario. In general, blackjack is considered easy enough to attract beginners. Blackjack is one of the games that easy to learn but hard to master.

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