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As we know, it is not acceptable for pilgrims to perform many things in the sacred state of Ihram. Hunting and covering the face or head are also included in this category of Ihram’s prohibitions. In this context, consider this topic to know more information, “Can you use an umbrella for shade in Ihram?” This article will guide you in discovering the correct facts about this question.

Before performing the rituals of Hajj and Umrah, a pilgrim must attain the sacred state of Ihram. Pilgrims must enter this state before crossing the Miqat by washing their bodies, dressing appropriately, and carrying out the necessary rituals.

According to Sharia, it is not permissible for a man to cover his head with a turban, hat, or any other piece of clothing. However, if he covered his head with a piece of clothing or an umbrella to protect him from the sun’s heat or the rain, there is nothing wrong.

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Using an umbrella for shade in the state of Ihram

According to Islamic laws, there is nothing wrong with using an umbrella to shade one’s head from the heat of the sun. It is not included by the command of the Prophet (PBUH) for men to cover their heads. Because it provides shade from heat rather than serving as a cover. 

The Muslim’s covering of his head is of different kinds:

  • Covering the head with something that stays on the head, such as a hat, turban, or similar object. It is forbidden to do this in Ihram.
  • Using an object that doesn’t stay on his head to do so, such as an umbrella, tent, etc. Nothing is wrong with this. Many scholars hold this point of view.  
  • Carrying one’s bag over his head. It is perfectly acceptable because it is typically not done to cover the head. It is haram if it is done with that intention.

 Is it permissible for pilgrims to cover their cloaks at night in cold weather?

 The scholars agreed that a person doing the Hajj in the state of Ihram may cover himself, but may not cover his head.

If exposing the head at night due to severe cold causes harm, he may cover it and pay Fidyah in one of the following three ways:

  1. Slaughtering a sheep in Makkah whose meat would be given to the unprivileged residents of the city.
  2. Fasting for three days.
  3. Three saa of food, or seven kilos, shall be donated as Sadaqah and given to the six poor people in Makkah.

Forbidden actions of Ihram

Pilgrims cannot perform the following things in the state of Ihram:

  • Applying a perfume
  • Clipping the nails
  • Cutting the hair
  • Wearing stitched clothing
  • Applying oil
  • Covering the face (both for men & women)
  • Covering the head (only for men)
  • Hunting
  • Killing locusts or lice
  • Kissing a woman
  • Touching a woman
  • Sexual activity between a husband and wife

Ihram is one of the main rituals of Hajj and Umrah. Pilgrims enter this state of purity before performing the sacred journeys to Makkah. In the Ihram state, there are several actions which pilgrims should avoid, such as covering their faces or heads.

A man cannot wear a cap, turban, or other clothes to cover his head. However, nothing is wrong if he covers his head with clothing or an umbrella to shield him from the sun or the rain. 

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