Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
Boy With Joystick Playing Car Game On Television At Home

Gaming- one of the most widely used forms of media popular among people of all ranges, is a great mood booster and a de-stressor. Besides the adrenaline rush, do you know these simulation spaces also have beneficial effects in real life? Check out the following points!

1) Improve your Visuospatial skills and concentration.

Video games indulge minds in concentration and strategizing. While playing games like Fortnite or Minecraft, you learn how to manage different in-game resources. Understanding to navigate these virtual spaces also impacts how you navigate the world in real life.

When you multi-task to finish goals, you exercise the brain part named the hippocampus, which helps improve your visuospatial memory. These help with several daily real-life tasks- like driving, understanding maps, and even academic fields like mathematics and engineering.

2) Improve problem-solving

Almost every video game incorporates puzzle-solving or strategic decision-making. This practice of problem-solving in the virtual world impacts your cognitive abilities. Using logic and planning to win different targets in the game also teaches you to be resilient and a problem-solver in the real world. A famous 2013 Study also shows that adolescents who participated in strategy video games had better academic grades and were better problem-solvers. 

3) Boost Multi-Tasking abilities

Action video games require players to perform multiple actions simultaneously- such as the fast-paced action of running from the enemy, keeping track of their health stats, communicating in multiplayer mode, etc. In real life, this multi-tasking enables users to process new information more efficiently and improve attention, accuracy, vision, and speed. 

4) Enhance your Decision-Making skills

Fast-paced strategy games- such as Call of Duty, or racing games, like Need for Speed, call for quick decision-making to overcome potential hurdles. The action of speedy decision-making is very beneficial in the real world, and that applies to trivial situations as well as in dangerous emergencies. Games like Simcity require you to plan virtual city mapping efficiently. This decision-making facilitates the brain to realize potential benefits in real-life situations too.

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5) Improve social interaction.

Many people may argue that gamers tend to lack social skills owing to that promotion stereotype. Too much of anything has detrimental effects, including excessive gaming. But overall, healthy gameplay helps enhance social skills. Modern technology has enabled social settings wherein you can connect with gamers from different parts of the world. It improves social behavior, confidence, and cooperation, which also converts into the physical world.


So, as you can see, there are several positive effects when it comes to video games. As long as you keep a proper balance between your play time and regular life, it will help motivate and improve your skills in real life.

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