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Yes. You can get headaches from your glasses. If you are a first-time glasses user, you will have slight trouble adjusting to your new frames. Eyeglasses give you a better and clearer vision. Your eyes are not used to the corrected vision. You might see things much more clearer. Or see things distorted. For instance, you will feel that the table is much lower than it appears. Your perception is a bit misaligned, making you wonder if you saw it wrong. 

Regular glasses users can also feel eye pain or headaches if they have a vast increase in the power of their prescription glasses. 

Troubles of New Glasses

A first-time glasses wearer may get the fishbowl effect. You will get a view as if seeing from inside of a bowl. To you, things appear rounder and weirder. 

You might also have trouble walking down the path as it appears raised to you. This vision distortion stays for some time or few days.

You will also get a headache as the glasses change the way you see things. You are used to straining your eyes to see clearer. Your muscles do not have to strain as much they did without glasses. This change causes you headaches. This should go away after few days. 

Reason for getting headaches

If your headache does not go away even after the adjustment period, then there might be different reasons for headaches.

Misfit frames 

You might be using glasses of the wrong fit. Your glasses might be too tight on your face. The tight fit might and pressure on your nose might be giving you headaches. 

If your headache does not go after a week, you should go back to your optician and check your glasses. To avoid getting the wrong size of glasses, you can reglaze specs from Specscart. You can get better lenses on your old frames and not get the issue of a misfit.

Incorrect prescription

Misdiagnosis is possible in any health issue. It is always better to have a second opinion. In the case of your glasses, an incorrect prescription can also give you headaches. 

If you are using glasses far powerful than your needs, you will have a headache. It’s like looking into a magnifying lens for too long. 

If your headache stays for too long, go back to your optician and get your glasses to check. Get a second eye test or a comprehensive eye test to know the issue.

Digital Eye Strain

Often working on a computer for too long can give you headaches. If you are using any digital devices for far too long, that might be the reason for your headaches. Try to reduce the hours of your screen time. You can try blue light blocking glasses if you use digital devices a lot. These glasses block blue light and give you a strain-free view.

Wrong purpose

You might be using your glasses for the wrong purpose. If you are far-sighted, you must have been prescribed reading glasses. These glasses only help you in seeing things from a near distance. 

If you use them for driving or seeing things from a far distance, you will get a headache. 

Too much stress

You can get headaches from taking too much stress. Stressing is natural when you are under pressure or in an unfavourable situation. 

If you feel too much stressed, get a break and deal with the situation later. You need to take care of your mental state so that your body can function in optimum condition. And getting a breather can help with stressful situations.

Underlying health issues

Headache is a common symptom of many diseases. If you are getting headaches too frequently, you should consult a doctor. Better you go for a comprehensive eye test. In this test, you can check for eye diseases or any diseases that affect your eyes. This might help in the early detection of health conditions.

Headaches are usual in the adjustment period. You will get them for a short period, and they will go away pretty soon. If you are deliberating on getting new glasses (because of the headaches that ensue), try next day glasses from Specscart. Not just they are cheap and arrive fast, they are of high quality that increases comfort and give you strain-free vision. Give them a try. 


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