Fri. May 24th, 2024


Brad Barton is a Christian Conservative speaker and influencer who has a yearning want to see our extraordinary country, the USA, get back to it’s essential roots and standards. He has a profound worry for his kids’ future and their family. He accepts the lone path back is through the reality of The Lord Jesus Christ and His standards alongside the fixing of this devastating sickness called “wokeness”!! Brad accepts we should return to reality and broadcasting reality without expression of remorse or reservation!!


Brad was brought up in a Christian home in upper east Louisiana where he was shown directly from off-base, moral absolutes, and an undying adoration and firm confidence in God and Country! He is an impassioned ally of President Donald J. Trump. He is an unashamedly glad American and a fierce protector of the first and second Amendments!

All things considered, despite the amazingly abominable and derisive enemy of American culture we wind up looking consistently now, Brad is focused on being a solid proud voice for you and the standards that have made America the best country throughout the entire existence of human civilization!


Brad comes from a foundation of educating and instructing. Brad moved on from Louisiana Tech University (Ruston, LA) in ’93 with a single men in Education and proceeded to finish his lords degree 2 yrs later (’95) from Baylor University (Waco, TX). He showed school and trained in both Texas and Missouri for a sum of 11 yrs., 9 of which he filled in as Head Boys Basketball Coach. Over those 9 seasons, his groups accomplished:

A general record of 191-55 (77.6%)

8 Conference Championships

1 Class 4 State Runners-Up

7 20+Win Seasons

Trained 6 All-Staters and 1 College All-American and Professional (Europe)

For as far back as 15 yrs, Brad has been working from his family’s home in Chattanooga, TN in the space of promoting and counseling. He’s aided tons of individuals to a superior life whether it be monetary, confidence, self-awareness, achievement and authority standards, or essentially dreaming once more! Brad has a validity seldom found in this day and age and is genuinely a developer of individuals! He’s joyfully hitched to his wonderful spouse, Kristin, presently going on 26 yrs and they have three marvelous kids God had favored them with!

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