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BK8 Games Esports and Sports


In 2015, BK8, Asia’s most advanced online casino platform, was introduced. Ever since its establishment, BK8 has risen as the most trusted and popular Malaysian online casino application and among other Southeast Asian gamers in countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

First and foremost, confidentiality! BK8 protects gamers’ personal information at all times by encrypting it with 128-bit encryption technology. Furthermore, in order to continue using the application, gamers must satisfy the system’s two-factor authentication requests. BK8 players can also use the fingerprint or facial recognition feature to log into their accounts. The evolution of BK8 can be seen in its acceptance of the idea of creating a mobile application that works on both Android and Apple devices.

Also, did you that By sharing their referral links with their friends and loved ones, BK8 players can now transfer money in a matter of seconds and earn money? By implementing Express Login, BK8 has also made sure that keeping players logged in is quick and secure.

Secondly, BK8 has successfully approached international football clubs such as Valencia and Athletic Club de Bilbao in Spain to negotiate contracts with renowned players such as Robin Van Persi. As of October 2022, BK8 announced its official football club partners which are Huddersfield Town, Burnley F.C., and Crystal Palace F.C. 

Thirdly, BK8 also holds regulated and licensed by the Government of Curacao and operates under the Master License of Gaming Service Provider N.V. #365/JAZ. In addition, BK8 has an active license from Black Hawk Gaming & Development Co. Inc., a well-known game developer.

BK8 strives to make sure that every player has a fantastic betting experience. BK8 achieves this by providing a responsible gambling component, which may be accessed by clicking the Info Centre link at the bottom of BK8’s official website. This information section is useful for players who seek tips on managing their bets and what to do if they think their wagering skills are better than the best among them. has a myriad of games for its players. 

In retrospect, this article will aim to enlighten players about the types of Esports platforms and Sports-betting platforms that are available for them via BK8’s official website to help break down the widely available selection of games.

Esports Games

BK8’s Esports Arena is the number 1 eSportsbook provider in Asia with a multitude of game choices for BK8’s players to choose from. Furthermore, within the Esports Arena, there are two gaming servers players can connect to. Namely, those two servers are TF Gaming and IM Esports.

 In addition, TF Gaming was created to be a unique and convenient Esports Platform that covered major and minor Esport events worldwide. This platform is favored among BK8 players because of how the system was built. With features like players getting unbeatable odds and speedy settlements. Moreover, there is an extensive choice of Esports Markets filled with highly experienced and skilled Esports Traders. Fortunately, the Esports platform is supported on all devices – PCs, Mobile phones, and tablets.

Moreover, IM Esports is a relatively new betting platform in BK8. This betting platform was specifically designed for both players and die-hard fans of the various Esports that are available. Additionally, the betting platform has a user-friendly interface with killer graphics. Furthermore, players have the opportunity to create unique combo markets with market-leading margins and the lowest spread that comes with an instant bet settlement. Other features players can benefit from and are included in this betting platform are intelligent risk management, advanced live betting and scores management, and professional odds management.

Some of the most renowned multiplayer Esports Games are Call of Duty, FIFA, Fortnite, Valorant and so much more!

Sports Games

BK8’s Sportsbook is one of the best sportsbooks for betting against the odds. The different types of Sportsbook BK8 have made available on its website are C-Sports, Saba-Sports, and BK8-Sports.

Next, C-Sports is provided by the CMD368 sportsbook. Players who would like to place bets based on global real-time and get the latest trends mainly in basketball, football, eSports, golf, and badminton can check out the C-Sports by clicking on the Play Now button.

Saba-Sports is also a sports betting game provided by Saba-Sports. They also offer BK8’s players live games like Saba-soccer, tennis, volleyball, and much more! BK8 players can also customize their games according to their preferences and have the assistance of technical support. The player can click on the Play Now button if this Sportsbook is the most compatible for them.

Finally, BK8 – Sports is also a sport-betting game that is created and provided by none other- than BK8 Sportsbook. This Sportsbook has a wide selection of sports and activities that is made available to BK8 players on a global level. BK8-Sports is also supported by teams of expert sports traders and BK8’s customer service representatives. BK8’s customer service is run 24 hours and is accessible by clicking the button in the lower right corner of the screen. In case the players run into issues that need a lengthy explanation or a follow-up, they may choose to also contact customer service via email.

Now that the player is aware of the kind of Esports and Sports games available in BK8, they may go ahead and proceed to explore the Esports and Sports games section. Most importantly exciting chances await all BK8 players. For example, BK8 offers a substantial welcome bonus to new players from the moment they establish an account. The reward program includes competitive perks, such as the Daily Reload bonus, to help players stabilize and potentially increase their money, allowing them to immerse themselves in the possibility of doubling their riches. BK8 regularly organizes campaigns and tournaments among its players to add to the excitement by providing them chances to win large cash prizes, free spins, and wager credits, subject to Terms & Conditions.