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Many people think that keno doesn’t have anything to do with being strategic because they believe it has to do with mainly pure luck. However, for every casino game, you should have a working strategy. Employing a good keno strategy will not only give you a better chance of winning, but it will also help you make conscious and well-thought decisions. These strategies don’t guarantee that you will have a 100% assured victory every time you play keno, but they may significantly reduce your losses.

Winning Strategies For Keno

  1. Choose the right casino: The first important step is looking for a reliable casino site that has passed the fairness test for the games available on their site and has a Return To Player (RTP) assigned to them. These factors will determine if you can trust the casino site with your money and know if they don’t rig their games to make you lose.

It would help if you also endeavoured to check if the casino site has better payouts and how many varieties of keno that they have. Enquire about their payouts for guessing specific numbers right and only choose the site if you are satisfied with what they are offering. If not, keep searching for the one that suits you, as there are many casino betting sites online.

  1. Use The Free-play Option To Learn: Keno looks like a pretty straightforward game, and for that reason, people tend to dive right into it with their money, and as expected, the majority of them end up with more losses than wins. Also, the dynamics and layouts of keno may vary from site to site, and as such, you will have to test run it to certify that you have gotten a hold of it before playing with money.

A good casino betting site should always offer new players free bet options, either to entice them or to give them the chance to learn how the game works before they commit to it fully. If you can not find this option on the site where you want to play keno, you should probably move to another website.

  1. Start with low stakes: When you are done learning with free bets, you should consider starting with small bets when deciding to play with money. This tip is to help you prevent complacency, and also, the fact that you were playing free bets meant you had nothing to lose. When you decide to play with money, your actions will become more scrutinised, which may, in turn, impair your chances of winning.
  2. Choose minimal number: Keno, like lotto, is a game that allows you to select as many numbers as you wish to out of the 80 numbers in a standard keno card. However, the quantity of numbers your choose has a direct effect on your chances of winning. Most players new to keno always want to choose lots of numbers, increasing their chance of winning. The disadvantage of doing this is that your chances of winning large payouts reduce when you pick lots of numbers.

The most advisable option is to choose between 4-8 numbers, as that will help create a balance between your chances of winning and the chance to win a higher payout.

Some other strategies that you can use to increase your chance of winning a keno game are four-card keno and round-robin keno. If you learn these strategies well and employ them carefully, your chances of winning keno will increase significantly.

In Conclusion

Contrary to popular belief, keno requires a little bit of strategy, and these strategies can only help propel your odds of winning; they don’t guarantee a win. Keno is a game of luck, but a little bit of planning can help go a long way in putting you on the right path.

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