Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Many factors can impact the output of your solar array. While most of those are within your control—like ensuring your roof isn’t excessively shaded by nearby trees or the quality of the sma grid tied inverter -other factors are not something you can control. One of those uncontrollable influences is your location. It’s a simple fact that some regions of the US have more sunshine than others, and the intensity of that sunshine can also play a role in your solar panels’ productivity. So, which states are best for solar panel productivity and overall energy output? Keep reading to find out. 


When you think of Hawaii, sunshine and beaches probably come to mind. Naturally, all that beautiful, sunny weather is great for solar power. Hawaii’s capital of Honolulu averages 271 days of bright sunshine every year. With its proximity to the equator, even winter is sunny and mild, making Hawaii the best state for year-round solar productivity. 


California is another state frequently associated with sunny, warm weather. While the weather can vary widely from the northern border to the southern one, all in all, California is a great state for solar power users. The weather is sunny enough to provide fairly consistent energy output throughout the year. 

North Carolina

This one might surprise you, as it’s not the sunniest region of the United States. However, North Carolina does get a good amount of sunshine; what really makes this a great state for solar power is the number of offers, discounts, and incentives provided by the state to encourage people to go solar. Decreasing that upfront cost certainly makes this state a good one to be in if you’re interested in solar power. 

New Jersey

Like North Carolina, New Jersey isn’t necessarily on this list because of its sunny weather. Rather, solar incentives allow people to actually earn money on their solar energy output, which makes this a great state for solar. New Jersey is very proactive about encouraging its residents to use alternative energy, and solar is leading that charge. 


This list wouldn’t be complete without the Sunshine State itself. The state’s excellent metering policies and declining prices for solar panels, and the SMA grid-tied inverter make it a great place to install a solar power system. Naturally, those sunny days are great for solar power production; the primary reason it isn’t higher is that Florida has a heavy rainy season and will experience stretches of cloud cover.

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