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In the current scenario, traditional marketing is replaced with mobile marketing, which is most often considered push notifications. However, many mobile features can engage users for longer but Reach Native Push Notifications have secured the first positing in this arena. And if you utilize it correctly, it enhances user engagement by up to 80%.  

But you need to be careful since most business owners have also found a negative impact on their business. And it is often because they were not aware of the sending push correctly. So remember that “sending too many or too few” is invalid. For the best output, you have to be the best in your inputs. So, 1-2 push messages can be enough daily; the rest depends on your business nature. 

Moreover, working on the wrong tool, writing poor quality content, and neglecting users’ goals are a few reasons for the failure of push notification strategies. By reading reports, an average of 14.7% of users open an installed app, while 5.4% don’t in a month. So, there is a hope you can get the leads with push notifications. 

So when you are ready to plan your react native push notifications strategy, ensure you have incorporated all the given tips because these are proven and tested. So, let’s go in-depth and find the ways to increase your app engagement with push.

8 Best Practices To Increase App Engagement With Push Notifications

Let’s see how you can do it-

 1.      Content Is King

Content plays a crucial role in engaging users in-app. So, ensure you have written influential content that just provokes the user to open your app or shop from you. For example, you can write content that creates a sense of urgency, or you are providing a special offer only for them. 

When sending content, it doesn’t matter if you add emojis to add fun elements or a simple text. All you need to do is write content that grabs attention immediately. 

 2.     Pay Attention To TIME

Another critical factor that needs your attention is TIME. Sending notifications on time has a higher open rate than others. You need to be correct with time zones when sending a message. For example, if you are trying to push your user to order lunch, send them relevant information (depending on the time). If this is irrelevant, it doesn’t create any lead for your business. 

Moreover, your content must be attractive that expresses you are the only one who helps them to get out of their hunger with delicious meals. Also, offer some discount.

 3.      Send Love To Your Customers

Yes! It is right. Sending love to your customers is the most successful way to increase user engagement. You can greet them by sending them personal messages like Happy Birthday or Happy Diwali along with some gifts. Another example is you can greet them by sending a message by calling their names. 

You should write Hello Martin instead of Hello users, along with a sweet Good Morning message. This reflects you value your customers, and this helps you build a loyal community for your brand. And all this can be easily possible with WonderPush React Native push notifications since it is meant to do that. 

4.     Offer Rewards 

Offering rewards or gifts can be the best option to keep your users engaged within your app. This not only delivers your love to them but also assures you care for your customers. You can reward your long-term customer by giving an additional 50% discount on purchasing branded items. Even reports said that rewarding customers had seen an incredible boost in in-app engagement since humans often look for free things. 

Additionally, with this huge exposure, you can simply put your brand in the centre, where you can showcase your diverse products to them. 

5.      Give Value To User’s Behaviour

Probably you know that attracting customers is not your cup of tea. You need to be extraordinary in your content and marketing tactics so that you can get complete value. So, here we have got you covered.

When you are planning push notifications, first, you should do homework on your customer, including his likes, dislikes, and requirements. Secondly, you need to perform research on a search like how your customers find you interesting. For example, if your user searched for denim jeans, then sending them a 10% off push message on denim jeans can be captivating or sales-oriented. 

6.      Send Them Alerts

React Native Push Notifications are designed for the benefit of both customers and business owners. Thus, push notifications allow you to send your users alerts regarding password changes, email id updates, security updates, or more. Besides, sending alerts of instant buy benefits can help you achieve customer loyalty and sales. 

Make sure to create your notifications in a creative way that not just attracts the audience to buy from you but becomes your regular buyer, and you enjoy higher customer retention. 

The Bottom Line

That’s all we have to say! React Native Push notifications can bring life to your app by boosting engagement, sales, and awareness. Adding alluring images or emojis within content can help you reach your desired goals. 

So, workout out your push notifications strategy and get exactly what you need. However, if you’re looking for the right platform to get started, then check WonderPush. This has been proved as a game-changer for most business owners. 

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