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Possums are ordinary site visitors to South Australian gardens, especially common brushtail and common ringtail POSSUM CATCHER. Both are nocturnal, but brushtail possums are about the dimensions of a cat, with furry black tails, thick gray fur and large ears, while ringtails also are gray.

Brushtails favor huge antique gum timber with hollows to nest in, however these have become few and a ways among, forcing them to look for alternative lodging – and that could suggest your roof. Ringtails additionally nest in trees, but unlike brushtails they don’t typically like sheltering for your roof.

Recognize if there is a possum for your roof:

Being nocturnal, possums are usually most active at night. The standard symptoms of getting a possum inside the roof are heavy bangs on the ceiling or roof at night as they run around, hissing and coughing noises coming out of your roof, or stains in your ceiling or a sturdy ammonia odor due to their urine.

What are you able to do if there may be a possum on your roof?

All species of possums are protected in SA, so in case you want to get one from your roof, you must do it humanely and feature the right lets in – or test that your pest controller has them. There are numerous options, but denying POSSUM CATCHER admission to your roof space is critical to them all.

Buy or build a possum box:

Buy or construct a possum container or , and put it in a sheltered spot on your lawn as a minimum four m off the ground.

Check the bins often to make sure that bees, wasps or pest birds inclusive of starlings haven’t taken up house. Possums are clearly inquisitive and could discover their territory, but placing a piece of fruit on or close to the nest container to make it greater appealing will assist the POSSUM CATCHER discover it.

Bear in mind though, this technique will now not paint unless you also possum-evidence your roof. Which brings us to our subsequent factor: Secure the roof so possums can’t get in

Securing your roof is an important step. Blocking all right of entry factors to the roof will ensure that possums can’t get to your roof within the first vicinity or re-enter after they’ve visited earlier than.

Look cautiously for any gaps or holes around the eaves, then wait till dark. When you see the possum leaving the roof, block the gap with timber or fowl mesh.

Install a one-manner door in your roof:

If you’re suffering to peer while the possums are leaving your roof, or in case you’re worried that one may be left behind and end up trapped, a pest controller can be capable of propose on a way to install a one-way door in an effort to permit the POSSUM CATCHER out however not again in.

Get a allow for a possum lure:

The first aspect to notice here is that trapping possums requires a Trap and Release Protected Wildlife permit. Many councils have twine mesh possum traps you may hire. Put the lure in the roof close to the POSSUM CATCHER’s, get admission to the factory and test it each morning. If you seize a possum, you must launch it inside 24 hours and it has to be at night time.

Remove the trap from the roof, place it in a place of your house that is quiet and funky, and cowl it with a vintage towel or blanket to preserve the light out.