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Best Pokemon Rom hacksBest Pokemon Rom hacks

Pokemon is the most popular community on the internet, people love to play and see Pokemon games and videos, some people are crazy fans of Pokemon games when Pokemon Go is released on the internet, many people start playing that game, if you want to play any of Pokemon Rom games and you want to play free Pokemon Rom games, then you are on the right platform.

Maximum people already invest in Pokemon Rom games, but we have a solution for those people, we found ways for you, so you can play Pokemon Rom games free. It is very easy to play and in this high technology period, we all have smart phones, Laptop, and computers, so are you ready to know some top hacks and information about the Best Pokemon ROM hacks in 2021, then slide down to know-

List of Pokemon ROM hacks-

1. Pokemon Mega Power version

This pokemon mega power version is an emerald pokemon ROM hack, and you know what this is the first game where you see mega evolution in emerald games, this pokemon mega game was recently released by the creator, this game story is much more interesting than others, you really need to try this game.

Pokemon Mega Power version

Plus, in this game you play a scientist role where you create the most powerful pokemon according to you, this game definitely fulfills your game dream, so go and find the pokemon in this amazing game.

Some points and features-

  • Pokemon available GEN 4,5,6, and 7 also
  • Comes with Mega evolution 
  • Play this amazing game in the new 3 region which is Ivara, Lande, and Sevil Islands.
  • When you play this game you will see many hidden features

2. Pokemon Nameless version-

This one is a FireRed version which is used for pokemon rom hack nameless version, the meaning of nameless is the sequel of pokemon resolute and prequel of pokemon mega power, I prefer you, if you have a full experience game then you need to play all three game of Pokemon Nameless version.

Pokemon Nameless version
Pokemon Nameless version

The storyline of this game is totally completed, but updates all future versions from time to time, just to remove bugs and glitches.

In this pokemon nameless version, you played as a role which is Chronya, who is the hero of the Cyenn region, plus it is all up to you to defeat the team and gain all the glory of the region.

Some points and features-

  • It is totally an open-world game after a specific town
  • White and black repeal system
  • 4 different region which is Cyenn, Sevii Islands, Western Tyron, and Lande
  • Pokemon GEN 4,5,6,7,8 added in this game
  • Mega evolution
  • You can start the story with Mega pokemon
  • HM moves
  • Can also play Nintendo 3ds emulator

Pokemon Gaia version

This one is a popular amazing Pokemon ROM hack of FireRed ROM; it totally changes the look of the game, plus improved graphics and sprites.

Pokemon Gaia version
Pokemon Gaia version

The best part to start this game is the Orbtus region which was densely populated but everything went into hell because of earthquakes, so I tried this game, it is very amazing, so go and try these Pokemon ROM hacks.

Some facts and features-

  • Comes with 6 regions- Kanto, Johto, Kalos, Sinnoh, Hoenn, and Unova, are available.
  • Omega Ruby and Alpha sapphire added
  • Find competitive items such as Assault Vest, Ability Pills, Choice Specs, and many more
  • Fairy types and mega evolution added
  • White and black repel system
  • Underwater game play
  • TM’s can be use
  • Bug catching
  • Secret and hidden temples and grottoes

If you want to experience something interesting or spend amazing alone time, then the Pokemon game is the best way, so go and play it.