Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
CoupleBest Gift Ideas for Newly Wed Couple under 2k

You will be on their mind if you get them these extraordinary gifts. 

Wedding gifts are tricky, especially when you have a budget of thousands. Here we have compiled the best gifting ideas for a newly married couple under Rs. 2000. We hope you will love these products and will recommend them to your friends. 

Gifts should be practical and sensible. If you are familiar with the duo. You’ll probably have an easier time choosing the ideal present as you already know what they enjoy. Always give them what they want. We provide a wide range of items, including gadgets, personal picture frames, hand-painted kettles, photo wall clock presents, and much more. So, let’s get started!

Non-conventional gifts:

Gifting is a method to congratulate the couple and offer them something practical that they will treasure for a long time. Don’t just go with the first thing that comes to mind. Unusual items are thoughtful and memorable. Stereotypical gifts should be avoided.  Surprise them with an out-of-the-ordinary gift.

Customized Gifts make their D-day:

Trends have shifted in recent years, and individuals now want customized presents. There are several alternatives out on the market for acquaintances, relatives, family, or coworkers.

You can go for photo-printed pillows, quoted frames, and coffee mugs with a picture. They will be delighted to have something like that. Personalization adds a personal touch and shows how much you adore them. Your efforts are visible when your gift stands out.

Hand-painted Kettle Set:

A hand-painted kettle set is perfect for kitchen and shelf decoration. You will get lots of options and cost around 1200-1800INR. This cute tea set has an aesthetic and traditional appeal. Their morning will begin with your gift. 

Photo Printed Wall Clocks:

A wall clock is the first thing we notice when we wake up. Those black, white, or metal clocks are so mundane. Let us get them photo-printed clocks. It will highlight their good memories and add glitz to their bedroom or living space. 

We adore these clever pieces from OMGS.IN, where you can modify your photographs and get them imprinted on clocks in an array of shades. All you have to do now is submit your image.

Personalized Champagne Flutes:

Why not give them a pair of monogrammed flutes? Marriage is a moment for celebration, and they will continue to rejoice together. You can mention their wedding date and names on each glass. Trust me, they will love to raise a toast with this classy thing.

A selfie stick:

Gone were the days when we used to carry heavy cameras for photography. Nowadays, smartphones have HD resolution in-built cameras that click sharp images. It is the best thing if you have a budget of 2k. It is fab to click honeymoon images with their phones. Bluetooth connectivity and a lightweight product let you plug in and enjoy.

Phillips Coffee Maker:

Yes, I said no monotonous household items. I stand by my words. The Phillips automated coffee maker brews six cups of coffee in a single batch. It costs 1995INR and comes with a two-year guarantee. It’s a chic coffee maker with a straightforward UI. It provides perfect aromatic coffee every time. 

Digital Photo Frame:

Photographs take you back to the old memories that you cherish the most. From physical prints to the digital world photographs are special. A digital photo frame is a blend of technology and uniqueness. It comes with a calendar and clock. You can insert SD cards and enjoy the slideshow. 

Waffle Maker:

This is something unique, isn’t it? The gift of a waffle maker is ideal for newlyweds. It’s built of high-quality materials and runs on electricity. Because they’re little, they won’t take up much room in your kitchen. Whenever they wish to have warm waffles, they can have them. 

Personalized Passport Holder:

The last on our list is a custom passport holder. If you know a couple who loves to travel. If you know of a couple who enjoys traveling. It’s the ideal present for them. You can add a personal touch with names, initials, and charms.

A small note:

We know you adore the pair that is why you’re stumped on what to get them. Don’t bother about your budget because presents are offered with love. It is your choice whether you pick glasses or a customized wall clock. We only want you to know that if you don’t choose anything beneficial, it will be repackaged and given to someone else. If you’re not sure what to present, just put cash inside an envelope.