Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
Best forex trading brokers

Are you looking for a good and reliable forex broker to manage your trading? How about we bring out the best in different categories? In this article, you’ll find all of the top forex brokers online in Pakistan and they will show some features that are highly rated by our expert traders. We have a list of both online and offline brokers who offer one-on-one and small group consultations with their experts or teams for those of us who want to get into the world of investing. As one may ask what is the difference between an online broker and an actual physical one? The primary distinction lies in where these services are provided, and how much control you have over the overall management. Most firms will give you access to their main website, which should contain information on your portfolio, your account status, and other key details which will later be utilized for different purposes. On the other hand, the real forex brokers will only possess their official websites, and so will require you to visit them at least once before interacting with them, as well as follow up on their correspondence with you personally. An important part is being certain that you can do business on your own time without having any limitations, for instance, if it’s not urgent and time constraint is no issue. There are two types of clients for whom both online and offline platforms are used. Here you will see only those people for whom online services are preferred. There are also small groups of individuals who prefer to work with one another instead of going for a large team of investors. So, let’s start our discussion and look at the most popular online brokers now.

1. Markets. live

Market. live is a leading market maker in the global currency markets, and offers cutting-edge market data, forecasts, and educational content. It has its headquarters in Singapore but has branches in Europe and Latin America. It also offers virtual and live markets where users can access the same data through mobile devices across the globe. To help traders with high-risk requirements, and professional and efficient analysis, Traders can use technical indicators as well as fundamental analysis, which include financial news coverage, technical forecasts, etc.

2. FXTM (Fix Market)

Since 2015, FX Markets has become one of Asia’s largest digital forex brokers, with millions of unique visitors to its web portal every month. This company is based in Hong Kong. As a leader in markets, this firm manages the operations of more than 50 online companies, such as Yahoo Finance, GIC Wealth Management Company Limited, eBay Group, Zabkova, VivoBank, Creditor Group, Binance, and Kuaishou. Each of these firms has its headquarters in China, while those of FX Markets can serve clients in more than 60 countries abroad. As an overseas company, FX Markets has been operating within the Asian region since it was founded in 2008, having established itself as a significant player in China’s market. FX Markets is considered among the topmost online brokers in the country. Its major product line includes Futures Trading, Indicators, Real Estate Data, Money Transfer, Foreign Exchange & Currency News, Banking & Insurance Data, and Technical Analysis Tools.


AIMD provides electronic securities market data, analytics, and research. In addition, it presents innovative applications to improve the user experience and provide greater transparency to the public. Currently working with more than $1 trillion of capital worldwide, AIMD provides its services globally. It offers 24×7 support with its comprehensive technology. Moreover, it has launched new products like Virtual Trading Suite, Trading Signals, Digital Accessibility Tool, Electronic Security Index System, Econometric Trading Platform, Fundamentals of Financial Crime Research, New Product Launches, Risk Control & Portfolio Optimization Solution, ETF & Crypto Trades & Cryptocurrencies Listings, Mobile & Social Web App, Offering multiple free resources and solutions, including the latest training courses, certification programs, and workshops. Thus, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to invest in international currencies.

4. TAP

TAP offers a range of foreign exchange products using various instruments, including Spot FX, futures, options, swaps, foreign currency contracts, short-term investments, money transfers, and payments. These products allow users to diversify their portfolios and even trade seamlessly between different instruments over different exchanges. Among the diverse products, there are three types of trading tools, namely Pivot (online), Point and Line (offline), and Points and Lines (online). If you’re interested in getting involved in fixed income trading with TAP, then you can try the following options:

• First Mover Advantage

• Diversification

• Multi-Asset Strategy

• Equity Derivatives

• Credit Default Swaps and Other OTC derivatives

• Leverage with NPLs

• Bond Derivatives

• Global Fixed Income

• International Long/Short Commodities

• Eurodollar + Interbank Forex Trading

• Short-Term Options and Stocks

• Time-Based Trade Rates

• SMA Trading

• FTSE Emerging Market Focus Strategy

5. IG Markets

IG Markets is yet another reputable global firm dealing in the sale of global foreign securities, providing customized solutions for individual and institutional investors ranging from high net worth individuals to institutions as well as financial advisors, family offices, retirement plans, and government agencies. With its mission of giving clients access to quick and affordable foreign stock quotes, IG Markets takes care of listing them in the right manner according to their needs. They cover more than 100 jurisdictions, offering local stock quotes and order execution services through the internet. IG Markets deals with over 12000 markets globally, accounting for roughly 30% of global traded shares. Through effective data analysis, IG Markets gives clear indications of macroeconomic conditions and economic growth, political stability, inflation, interest rate, and so on.

6. ABX Trading

ABX Trading, a reputed name in the forex industry, deals with day trading, leveraged trading, short/long equity trading, private placements, short-selling strategies. ABX is headquartered in London, UK, and the firm’s main office is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The platform covers many other areas of activity like credit risks and spreads risk, margin trading, leverage trading, technical indicators, technical analysis, algorithmic trading, and historical data for making better decisions shortly. Their goal is to provide their clients with the fastest possible trades, by providing advanced techniques, insight into technical information, and the ability to execute a wide array of complicated scenarios. However, ABX Trading, ABX has never compromised on quality or accuracy. It is the best place to buy and sell stocks and it allows you to execute complex algorithms effortlessly.

7. IBS Trading

IBS Trading is the brand new and secure way to invest in your investments with an extra layer of security, protection, and discretion by leveraging AI. Instantly investing with instant risk alerts on your investment status and performance. Every single move you make along the way, everything you do is backed by my trusted system, IBS. My system analyses your data and your preferences for your portfolio, suggests the best possible strategy for you and makes sure your investments will always work for you.

8. INTC Markets

INTC Markets is regarded as one of the biggest market makers in all financial institutions around the world, serving more than 3 million customers every year, offering them direct access to some 100+ markets daily around the globe. Since its inception, INTC Markets is focused on bringing excellent customer service, innovative platforms, an easy-to-use interface, and a vast set of comprehensive features. Today, we believe in developing exceptional offerings for everyone. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering extraordinary technological capabilities and exceptional client experiences, through the strategic deployment of next-generation technologies.

9. XTB Markets

XTB Markets, a digital best forex trading brokers platform, offers simple, fast, and safe markets. XTB’s software supports a full range of tools, including advanced indicators, charts, and graphs, allowing users to analyze data in terms of trend, volume, correlations, and trend changes. What differentiates XTB Market is its smart market infrastructure, featuring state-of-the-art cloud capabilities, advanced machine learning capabilities, and sophisticated analytical techniques. Furthermore, XTB Markets has recently created powerful APIs to expand its functionality when needed. For example:

– Instant buying and selling – Anytime, anywhere, from anywhere! – No commissions involved.

– One-click API integration and visualization integration to streamline the entire process.

What’s more, it gives a fully customizable solution to each user, allowing them to trade to their personal preferences. You can see yourself in the graph that the software generates, you know exactly what kind of opportunities exist in front of you, and you know what actions are required to make those opportunities come true.

10. Axion Trading

Axion Trading is a multi-asset fund manager, providing exposure to a diverse selection of global equities while taking special precautions for clients’ assets. Not only that, Axion Trader’s low commission system helps clients obtain lower fees. By considering market structure, timing, and current conditions, Axion Trader’s clients can reduce costs, get quick access to their positions, and monitor performance with ease. Being an independent specialist, Axion Trader maintains transparency and has a strong compliance record and reputation by ensuring that its clients receive fair prices for their existing assets, and when they lose their positions, the price reflects their losses as accurately as possible.