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Mobile applications are now thought of as being comfortable and practical. People from all walks of life are becoming investors more frequently since they took over the realm of personal finance. It used to be that only people with the money to hire a stockbroker and an understanding of the advantages of wealth accumulation had the right to trade stocks, bonds, and other assets.

Everybody has now become a prospective trader as an increasing number of smartphones are entering the hands of many individuals, and the internet’s reach is expanding rapidly. Actually, stock trading has become more open and straightforward due to digitization. So, does that make you wonder what the best apps to invest in US stocks from India are?

What are the Benefits of Online Trading?

Here are some of the advantages of trading through a stock market investment app online:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: In a traditional trading method, the stockbroker would be paid a counseling fee or commission that tends to be more than the fee offered by robo-advisers. You could pick a stock market investment app with no extra costs.
  2. Convenience: With the best apps for US stocks in India, creating an online trading account is straightforward and hassle-free. You can set up an account and track your investments whenever it’s convenient for you using simply a mobile internet connection. An online stock market investment app enables you to conduct your trading activity on the go and save time.
  3. Keep tabs: The best apps for US stocks in India are made to show your investments and their performance on a single screen. Additionally, you can evaluate your earnings or losses and buy and sell shares whenever convenient for you.
  4. Automized features: With apps to invest in US stocks from India, broker interactions are also constrained and have lower broker fees. Investors can select from a number of portfolio recommendations given in the app based on the thorough investigation carried out by the brokerage providing the app.
  5. Faster transactions: The best apps to invest in US stocks from India make it simple to place orders for buying and selling shares and make it simple to pay for and receive the shares after a transaction. These apps provide a range of options for online payments that make it possible for money to move between accounts almost instantly.
  6. Better control: You can purchase or sell without depending on the convenience of your broker when you have the trading ability practically at your fingers. Investors don’t need to wait for brokers to advise them on their best course of action; they may make transactions immediately, analyze all of their alternatives, and keep an eye on their assets. Investors have more control over their assets since they can make decisions without intervention from outside sources.
  7. Better understanding: The best apps to invest in US stocks from India will teach you the stock market while giving you a more practical approach to your finances. To become familiar with your money and the details of the investment world, online trading applications encourage you to make important decisions by yourself without the continual supervision of a broker. This might be a helpful path for self-learning for budding investors.

What are Some of the Best Apps to Invest in US Stocks from India?

What determines which stock market investment app is the best, is the balance between the pros and cons that it has to offer. Here is a listing of the best apps to invest in US stocks from India:


A wide range of financial products, such as ETFs,  stocks, and stacksLesser flow data
Telephone, live chat, and email customer supportInaccessibility to IPOs
Extensive research options and tools. Tipranks features are offered by Stockal. 

Interactive Brokers

A wide range of research toolsComplicated procedure of account opening
Low trading feeComplex platform for trading
A wide range of productsInefficient customer support/staff


Well regulatedDollar denominated trading accounts
No deposit feesTrading CFDs on this app results in losses for 68% of accounts held by individual investors.
Profit maximisation through CopyTrader functionality 


No account minimumUnclear structure for fees
A maximum of $500,000 insurance coverageMutual funds unavailable
User-friendlyInsufficient educational support

TD Ameritrade

User specific app experienceHigh trading fees
Wide range of research resourcesAccounts limited to residents of US
Advanced investment toolsNo electronic wallets and debit/credit cards for transferring money

Charles Schwab

Accessibility to 30 international marketsHigh margin rates
Only $5 for minimum tradesLow cash sweep rates by default
High-quality interfaceSmall selection of fractional investing


Good reporting and tracking dashboardsPremium services are insufficient
Automated tracking with AIAverage customer support
Crypto trackingNo in-house platform for chatting

What Makes Stockal the Go-To App for Investing in the US Stock Markets

Here are the features offered by Stockal, which make it one of the best apps to invest in US stocks from India:

  • TipRanks Research Analysis and Analyst Ratings: Techniques for technical analysis can help traders make logical decisions. Buy and sell indications can be found in a technical analysis, which can aid in spotting fresh trading chances. To analyse the stock market, analysts employ a variety of indicators and toolkits. These instruments, which mostly consist of market indicators, should be used by the best apps to invest in US stocks from India to forecast price movements for all significant financial indexes. The movement of numerous oscillators and indicators serves as the foundation for trend analysis and is used to generate buy and sell signals.
  • Zacks Analyst Ratings: The analysts who constitute the Zacks Equity Research division are completely aware of the benefits of the earnings estimate revisions as well as the long-term mathematical technique employed by the Zacks Rank and Zacks Recommendations. The experts have the power to diverge from the statistical recommendations for the 1,050 stocks they follow. These recommendations, which are known as Zacks Recommendations in the comprehensive Analyst research reports, are also made accessible to Zacks Premium subscribers on the website.
  • MorningStar ETF Holdings and Rating: Analyst Ratings are given to funds by Morningstar fund analysts who have attracted the most assets and investor interest. Five primary criteria—People, Performance, Process, Parent, and Price—are used by analysts to assess funds. All the analyst evaluations are based on in-person discussions with the fund management staff, examination of confidential Morningstar data, and review of fund documents.

The Bottom Line

While looking for the best apps to invest in US stocks from India, remember that certain factors should be considered before you start online trading. These factors include transaction costs, brokerage, margin money requirements, bank fees, depository charges, taxes (capital gains and TCS), expertise, and risk appetite (political instability, currency fluctuations, taxation, and regulatory charges).

It’s crucial to remember that buying shares of foreign corporations often includes higher transaction charges than buying shares of Indian companies. One unrecognized transaction cost is the difference between foreign currency buying and selling rates. Investors should know the unique risks of international equities and the various trading rules and procedures. The international weightage necessary for genuine global exposures are anticipated to rise over time as global patterns become more firmly established.

If you are looking for a stock market investment app, consider the many options Stockal offers. There are no account minimums and a quick account opening process with Stockal. You can also buy fractional shares on a safe platform and get excellent analysis and research. Furthermore, Stockal will promptly give you updates on your holdings.

By Richard Maxwell

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