Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

custom Cosmetic Boxes help keep the cosmetics which have become a hallmark of fashion industry now a days. They come in different forms, sizes and shapes depending on the product inside. Fashion is actually a way to say what you cannot speak and when you box  these products in beautiful displays, it enhances the impression as well as the value

Types of cosmetics boxes:
1. Tuck boxes
2. Single window boxes
3. Cardboard boxes
4. Double window boxes
5. Flip boxes
6. Pillow boxes
7. Sleeve boxes
8. Envelops and cosmetics shoppers etc.
Now in it is no more difficult to keep the cosmetics safe and sound all thanks to these enthralling cosmetics boxes. Whether it is cosmetics soap or aromatic product, or whether it is any kind of makeup like lipstick, nail polish, a mascara or an eyeliner, things never loose their quality and looks when we enclose them in beautiful and strong covering. The cardboard material is mostly used in making these boxes. Whether they are single window box or a double one, both have their own beauty and aesthetics value. Mostly the lighter cosmetic products are in tuck boxes and comparatively heavier things are in cardboard boxes. The pillow and sleeve boxes actually give a look of royalty to products inside. Besides boxes sometimes cosmetics shoppers and envelopes come in handy to cover them up and present them to others. Those envelops are also very delicate and represent brand name, logo and brand design. Such shenanigans are becoming a fashion of the day. The cosmetics envelopes and shoppers are easy to carry and reserve less space when you  carry them over.
Benefits of cosmetic boxes:
Cosmetic boxes always come with a magic enclosed inside.
1. Give protection to the products:
The cosmetic boxes are so made they give protection to the cosmetics. The cardboard material is so genuine and the product inside is never ruined. The cosmetics is made up of different chemicals and most of them are either reactive or have absorptive qualities. They may be ruined when come in contact with air or water. So to protect them from all destructive factors, we use boxes. They keep them in their best quality and ensure genuineness of the form and material. And that’s why it’s said; always keep high the heals, head and standards. Makeup never gets melted because of hotness when placed in these custom cosmetic boxes.
2. Sustain the quality of products:
Cosmetics when one  transfers them over long distances ,one needs to keep them in best form and in order to sustain them and keep them generically fit , they use cosmetics boxes . These containers are best for import and export of the cosmetics products over countries. And one can ensure sustainability by high quality materials. Sometimes you place a plastics paper inside the box and all over the cosmetics product. They do not melt nor reactive and also do not destroy in form and quality. All this is due to the packaging that you give to them.
3. Customized packaging raises brand name:
When there is the logo of the company along with it’s name and address and a description of the product inside , this all leaves an everlasting impact on the minds of the consumers. This all builds a trust relationship between you and the customers. When you reveal yourself to your customers, you earn their trust and a future expansion of customership.
4. Wholesale cosmetics boxes boost business yield:
When you get boxes in bulk and sell them in retail, you get a smart yield on every box. This profit one can use in other business aspects and that would automatically enhance business yield. A bulk of boxes when placed on the counter of your shops give the impact of high business activity and large consumer ship. So boxes are magic which you can implement once you go to a shop without any intent of getting something but by looking at the beautiful shinning boxes , and they tempt you to get them at all.
5. Copper and gold foiling enhances image:
Cosmetics boxes usually come with copper ,gold ,silver or aluminum foiling. This foiling gives a touch of royalty and shine to the products. One can get  Customized boxes by foiling of one’s own choice. This beautiful designs when depict the name of product or company or any kind of slogan on them, leave an everlasting impression on the on lookers. The foiling may be gloss or matte ; gloss for shiny foil and matte for non shiny one
6. Cosmetics boxes as gift boxes:
Cosmetics are the best gift one can give to someone else. In today’s world of rising fashion, not only the ladies but also the male class is conscious of the beauty standards and everyone wants to keep himself up to the date. So cosmetics boxes provide a wide and best option of gifting someone the much needed thing. Whether it is a birthday party or a wedding party, or you are welcoming someone or saying farewell, now it has become easy and dignified to carry these cosmetics boxes as a gift. The enchanting designs of boxes may not only attract others but also earn a lot of appreciation.
7. Eco friendly boxes:
A great quality of these boxes is that they are eco friendly. They don’t emit any kind of harmful and dangerous material in the environment or In the soil below. Likewise when burnt, they don’t emit dangerous gases. They can  recycle them and use them over and over again. They are environmental friendly material and are thus favorable for all. Such ecologically suitable things are now becoming a trend of the day.
8. Promote cleanliness and hygiene:
Makeup is a sensitive part of day to day life. Not just makeup but anything that we use in our makeover , we need to keep it clean. The cosmetics boxes promote hygiene and prevent the expiry of products before time. The tuck box material used is enough to keep the makeup intact and ensure cleanliness.
So these are all the benefits of Cosmetics boxes in fashion industry now a days.