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Are you responsible for a person who has a temporary mobility issue? If you are, you will need to ensure that the house is safe, functional, accessible, comfortable, and safe.

If the person you’re caring for uses a wheelchair, you’ll need a ramp. If the person won’t use a 

wheelchair for a long time, wheelchair ramp rental is a good option.

Renting A Wheelchair Ramp Has Many Advantages:

If you are unsure which side you fall on the ramp buying vs. rental debate, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s important to mention these five benefits of renting a handicapped ramp.

1. Ideal For Short-Term Use 

When providing home healthcare to a person who will be using it for less than six months, renting a wheelchair is typically the best option.

This is frequently the case in situations involving end-of-life care, hospice, or short-term rehabilitation.

2. Easy And Quick Installation 

Renting a ramp will give you peace of mind that it has been professionally installed. Easy and quick installation

It’s also quicker. The ramp can typically be installed within 24 to 48 hours by a ramp rental company. When the patient leaves the hospital, the ramp can be used easily.

3. Long-Term Commitment 

By renting rather than purchasing a ramp, you do not have to make a long-term commitment. When the ramp is no longer required, the company will remove it. As a result, you’ll be freed up to concentrate on other, more pressing matters.

4. Convenience 

By attaching a wheelchair ramp to your home, you can forget about having to figure out how to get the patient to and from therapy sessions and doctor’s appointments.

There is typically no minimum rental period set by rental companies. A ramp can be rented for your vacation home or a special event, like a wedding. Even though they are temporarily confined to a wheelchair, the patient can still enjoy their life.

5. Flexibility

If you have to use the wheelchair ramp for more time than you anticipated, what happens? A wheelchair ramp that is rented for more than six months typically costs more than one that is bought.

You can turn your rental into a purchase with most rental companies. They will frequently apply a sizeable portion of your rental payments, sometimes as much as 75%, to the purchase price.

Before making a commitment that will last a lifetime, you can rent the room and observe the patient’s progress.

Are Impediment Slopes Appropriate For You?

You might be ready to rent a ramp for people with disabilities right now. This is only the start.

It’s also important to figure out what changes you’ll make to make the wheelchair user’s transportation safer and more comfortable. Caregivers frequently have the option of using cartop wheelchair carriers.

If you have a temporary mobility issue and are having trouble entering or exiting your home, you can rent a wheelchair ramp. Short-term rentals of aluminum modular wheelchair ramps are available.

In certain circumstances, renting a ramp is appropriate:

1. To temporarily accommodate guests with limited mobility, a ramp is required.

2. This is rehabilitation for a short time. It’s a temporary rehabilitation opportunity for someone who has been hurt or is recovering from surgery. Nonetheless, full portability ought to return in 6 months or less.

3. End-of-life situations. A patient’s prognosis is that they won’t be with you for several months.

4. Housing for renters or in transition. Most of the time, landlords are reluctant to pay for the purchase or installation of a permanent ramp. Renting is a possibility.

5. For special occasions like a graduation, wedding, or party, you need a ramp.

The price of your rental ramp will vary based on its size and configuration. A 30-foot ramp with a 4’x4′ landing from Lifeway Mobility will set you back $331 per month. Delivery, installation, and removal add an additional $1,272 cost. A height of 3 to 4 feet can be accommodated on this ramp.

Inquire about rent-to-own financing if you have questions or aren’t sure if the ramp will be needed for more than six months. This option will allow you to contribute a portion of your monthly rent payment toward the purchase price of the ramp if you decide to buy it permanently.

When renting elderly ramps, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Seniors with mobility issues can safely and independently move around their homes thanks to wheelchair ramps. Elevated thresholds, landings, and stairs can all be avoided with these devices. These ramps are very long-lasting and simple to set up and take down quickly.

Wheelchair ramps come in many different varieties, including portable, modular, and bespoke models. A wide variety of wheelchair ramps are available from National Seating & Mobility for residential, institutional, and commercial applications.

Wheelchair ramp rental is a great option for short-term requirements. Ramp rentals are great for rental properties, people with disabilities, short-term rehabilitation, and recovering from major surgeries.