Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
Carpet Cleaning

Undoubtedly, pets are the most adorable and loyal creatures. But, taking care of them can be hard. Sometimes, they become messy and can cause damage to the carpet. The pets spend many hours on the carpets and the house owners have to ensure that the carpets remain absolutely clean and presentable all the time. Wondering how to maintain and extend the life of a carpet? Relying on professional help can make things easier.  The following are the advantages of carpet cleaning Melbourne and repair services:

Removal of Pet Dander

Dead skin flakes, hairs, nails, faeces and saliva of pets can create problems for humans. When humans inhale pet hairs or dead skin cells, they suffer from infections and allergies. The cleaners have advanced vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters that help in removing the finest hairs from the carpet. Also, techniques such as hot water extraction and shampooing are perfect for the elimination of pet dander from the strands of the carpet. 

Pet Remain Healthy 

Regular cleaning of carpets prevents the spread of diseases among the pets. Steam cleaning, hot water extraction and mould removal treatment are some methods that make it possible for the owners to keep the carpet free from unwanted microbes like fungi, viruses and bacteria. If you want your pets to stay fit and happy, you should hire expert cleaners after every few months. 

Carpets Last Longer 

Frequent cleaning and repairing of the carpet are necessary to use the same carpet for years. If you don’t want to purchase a new carpet after every 3-4 years, book the carpet repair Melbourne service. The pets have a habit of chewing and scratching the carpet with their sharp teeth and nails. Even trained pets can ruin the carpet by making holes in it. The carpet repair specialists use techniques like patching, sewing and stretching to mend the damage done by the pets.

Apart from repairing, cleaning also plays a big role in extending the life of the carpet. Modern cleaning methods help in thorough cleaning of the carpet. That’s why the moulds, bacteria, mites and other harmful creatures stay away from the carpet. 

Removal of Pet Stains and Odours 

Stains of pet urine and saliva are very hazardous to human health. When these stains become old and tough, they start spreading infections. Babies at the crawling stage can suffer a lot because of these stains. Professional carpet cleaning methods such as steam cleaning and hot water extraction are perfect for the removal of these stains. The experts also treat the stains with spot removal products. For assured results, they also use sanitisation. By the end of the process, you get a neat and flawless carpet. 

Apart from stains, the horrible odour released by the pet urine can be removed by the experts. The cleaners use effective products to destroy the germs and spray deodorants to leave a fresh fragrance on the carpet.

Flea Removal 

Fleas and ticks are some common parasites that live on an animal’s body to obtain blood as a food source. It is a painful experience for the pets as they have to suffer from skin redness, itchiness and inflammation because of flea bites. The fleas lay eggs on the carpet and continue to grow their population. The expert cleaners can also remove the fleas with a special flea removal treatment. They spray solutions to kill the fleas and use different techniques to kill their eggs.

Carpet Remains Presentable 

With time, the carpet loses its shine naturally. But, the presence of pets at home can fasten this process. Urine, saliva, chew marks and many other problems can arise within a few months. You have embarrassment in front t of guests if the carpet is not cleaned at the right time. To maintain the beauty of the carpet, you should seek help from certified cleaners. 

Wrapping Up!

 Cleaning and repairing of a carpet should be done regularly to prevent permanent damage. The carpet cleaning Melbourne experts know several methods and can prolong the life of the carpet by removing the stains, germs and unwanted contaminants. To ensure an even and flawless surface of the carpet, regular repairing is also required. If you are a pet owner, enjoy the benefits listed above by hiring experts.