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Beginners Guide for Renting a Storage Unit to save their moneyBeginners Guide for Renting a Storage Unit to save their money

Storage facilities are a lifesaver when you are in between homes, are expanding your business, or even downsizing. However, renting a self-storage facility might not be a good idea. There are several companies offering self-storage in USA that charge an absurd amount resulting in losses.

The cut-throat competition in the business world also forces some small businesses to look for some of the best storage companies USA. The following article will list some of the things you should keep in mind before signing a contract with any of these top self-storage companies.

Try Organizing As Much As Possible

Going through your items before putting them in a self-storage facility can help reduce your clutter. There might be several items that you do not need for further use and throwing them in storage facilities increases your expenses.

Moreover, organizing your things saves the time and effort needed to search for things. You could donate the items you do not need to a thrift store/charity or make a garage sale. Thus, you will end up paying lesser to the top self-storage companies.

Choose One of the Largest Self-Storage Companies in the US

The largest self-storage companies in US have a lot of experience, which is why they have some of the lowest prices. Renting a smaller self-storage facility from these companies leads to lower costs. If you do not need to go back to these storage facilities often, choose smaller units and aisle spaces.

Reuse Any and All Packing Materials

why renting is better than buying Packing items to store in the facilities of the storage companies, USA, is another time-consuming and expensive task. You can go on sites like Facebook Marketplace and eBay to find cardboard boxes and other packaging materials for free or at a lower cost.

Moreover, thrift shops and other second-hand stores might also stock bins and boxes that you can use. You can also keep these boxes and packaging materials to resell after you’re done to make extra money.

Think About the Climate

The largest self-storage companies in US offer temperature-controlled storage facilities that can help increase your product’s life expectancy.

Temperature swings and unstable humidity levels can harm fragile goods and other products. For example, electronics, antique goods, wood furniture, wine, and metal tools need extra protection from high temperatures and excess humidity.

Find Alternatives to Storage Units for Bulky Items

Large goods that take up a lot of space can hugely increase the expenses of renting storage facilities. Try finding storage alternatives like makeshift alternatives, car garages, and driveways, or convince a friend for extra space.

You could also allow other people to rent these goods saving you storage space and bringing in money. The top self-storage companies utilize a lot of equipment and invest extra time in maintaining their conditions. Thus, their charges would be high and you might run into losses.

Share with a Friend or a Family Member

Instead of finding small storage facilities, you could rent large units from the top self-storage companies and share them with a trusted one. Several students choose to share the space with their friends and save expenses during their school breaks.

Doing so ensures that you will get the best deal per square foot. Moreover, you will not need to worry about not having any aisle space. Thus, sharing a self-storage facility is a great tip to save on costs, while ensuring the items are not stuffed in together.

Look For Promotions and Discounts

The top self-storage companies often offer discounts and promotions through advertisements and their newsletters. Sometimes, you could get some months of rent-free storage facilities, whereas others might offer discounts anywhere between 10-25%.

Moreover, remember that negotiation can also help lower the prices in the case of long-term contracts. The best self-storage companies often provide discounts for long-term contracts and bulk orders. Ensure that you talk to the owners and managers to get the best possible deal.

Find Best Cheap Self Storage Units Near You

If you want to store items that you might often need, looking for the best cheap self-storage units near you is a wise option. Go on Google and type in “safest storage units near me” to find the cheapest deals without comprising your security.


The top self-storage companies can solve a lot of these problems and ensure that you get what you are paying for. Not only will your items be safe, but you also will receive the best customer service and help. We hope the article offered some tips to help you rent storage facilities and save money!

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