Sun. May 19th, 2024
Beautiful Acrylic Keychain

A DIY customized acrylic keychain makes a wonderful present for Christmas or any season. We’re making them for our instructors and companions this season! They’re super-easy to make with a Cricut, and you can modify them with a monogram or other customized plan. In the event that you have loads of extra vinyl scraps from bigger Cricut projects, this DIY is likewise an incredible method for utilizing them up!

To start, open up Cricut Design Space and make your plan. I made a 2” circle to match the 2” acrylic keychain spaces. Then, I embedded the Cricut picture Brushed Background (#M9A10A80) and resized it to fit inside the circle. At long last, I utilized the Aldine text style to make monograms on top of each Brushed Background. Try to pick various varieties for the foundation and the monograms with the goal that they cut on various shades of vinyl. Erase the first circles and send your plan to your Cricut for cutting!

Setting up THE DESIGN

Presently, cut out all of your Brushed Background shapes one (or two!) shades of vinyl, and your monograms on another. I utilized red and turquoise vinyl for my experiences and sparkle gold vinyl for my monogram letters. I’m utilizing Smart Vinyl with the goal that I don’t need to utilize a Cricut mat (thus this task is super quick)!

Weeding and Applying the Design

  • When every one of your pieces are cut, get rid of any abundance vinyl on the foundation shapes and the letters.
  • Then, put move tape on your experience pieces and your monogram pieces.
  • Presently, eliminate any defensive covering on the acrylic clear round assuming there is any.
  • Then, put your experience plan on the round, smooth it cautiously, and eliminate the exchange tape.
  • Flip the acrylic round finished and eliminate any defensive covering.
  • Then, at that point, apply the monogram vinyl to this side. Putting the foundation and the monogram on inverse sides makes a lovely, layered impact.
Beautiful Acrylic Keychain

Prior to beginning

  • Begin with your acrylic keychain clear. Make certain to eliminate the defensive cover on the two sides! On the off chance that you’re utilizing an acrylic letter, make a point to deal with the contrary side from what you maintain that the front should be.
  • If you have any desire to add extra craftsmanship you can paint on your keychain configuration, use acrylic paint and apply 2 coats for an even completion.
  • While the paint is as yet wet, add the polymer dirt cuts. I utilized a couple of tweezers to make position considerably more straightforward.
  • When the paint is dry, add a slight layer of Mod Podge over the polymer cuts.
  • At last add your keychain key ring and decoration utilizing pincers and presently you have a delightful acrylic keychains.