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Being headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, Timeshare Compliance has been among the top timeshare cancellation companies that help people fall out of their timeshares since the year 2012. Since they have been in this business for a long time, they have been able to establish a solid partnership with developers. In turn, they are aware of how to navigate quickly through the exit process. 

But you must be thinking—Is Timeshare Compliance a Legit Company? Well, yes! Overall, Timeshare Compliance is a legitimate business, and their reliable escrow payment option provides them with a competitive edge in this industry by providing their clients with a strict security system by assuring that their money is protected carefully and the money isn’t released to Timeshare Compliance before the client cancels the timeshare. 

What is Timeshare Cancellation? 

Cancellation is the act of bringing an end to the ownership of a timeshare property. These timeshare obligations are often lifetime deals. It can be financially strenuous, and thus, there are lots of owners who consider using a timeshare cancellation service. If someone is willing to cancel an unnecessary timeshare ownership without the risk of being penalized, they must act quickly after the purchase. As time passes, it usually gets more challenging to find an exit programme. If one cannot find an option for early cancellation, hiring a 3rd party company proves to be very helpful. 

Timeshare Cancellation Working Process 

After undertaking timeshare ownership, one goes through a recission period, or cooling-off period. During this period, he can legally cancel your purchase and get a full refund for it. For an effective and successful cancellation, one must first declare their intent and deliver it to the original seller within this recission period. The chances of an easy cancellation with a complete refund usually end after the completion of this period. 


First of all, a Client Expert will talk to you regarding your unique situation. He may ask the holder to send documents through email or correspondence if they have attempted to exit their contract themselves already. 

Rescind your purchase. 

First of all, you need to closely examine your timeshare agreement, searching thoroughly through the entire fine print to check the process of how to rescind your purchase. Follow the instructions of rescind to a tee to confirm a legitimate cancellation or risk your chance to cancel the purchase. 

Next, it is critical for the holder to be aware of state laws about your right to rescission as well. Each state has its own novel mandates, but the majority of them allow for 3 to 15 days for the buyers of timeshare property to rescind the purchase. There’s never much time for people on vacation or returning. Still, it would be great for you if you acted within this time frame. 

How to Write a Letter of Cancellation 

The revocation processes require a cancellation letter written to the original resort company that sold you the property. When writing a letter for the timeshare cancellation process, it is imperative to follow the instructions defined in your agreement, get straight to the cancellation point, and request a confirmation response. If someone needs a cancellation letter, they should make sure to include the following points: 

  • The Names of the Signed Agreement 
  • The Name of the Timeshare Developer 
  • The Date On Which The Letter Is Written 
  • The Timeshare Purchase Date 
  • The Contract Paperwork Number 
  • The Amount of the Purchase Price 

Make Sure That the Timeshare Company Receives Your Cancellation Letter. 

Just as crucial as the specifications while writing a cancellation letter, the letter delivery instructions are no less important. Resorts are formal with rescission periods, so timeshare holders want to make sure that their letter reaches the resort before the deadline. Send it through a certified or registered mailing service to get notified about the delivery. Always remember that the timeshare company may allow the letter to slip through the cracks. 


Nest, select how to proceed with the cancellation process. The client specialist will prepare the case. Then, they’ll advocate on your account to cancel the timeshare contract. This part may take some time. Often, developers or lawyers request some additional data before they will agree to the cancellation. 

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