Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Apocalypse in Dresden

Dresden was named the Florence on the Elbe, this vibrant riverfront city that takes you back to a luxurious past filled with grand palaces and cathedrals. Many beautiful places display treasures, ancient weaponry, and paintings by renowned artists. It was known as one of the most beautiful places, but its beauty went down the vain with tragic historical events.

During the Dresden firebombing, Germans from Silesia were trying to flee the Russian Red Army. Many people in Dresden were concerned about it, and everyone was scared to talk about the dangers of Russians assaulting Dresden. Most people there assumed that the city would never be bombed since it was so old, culturally important, and beautiful. Hitler mentioned Dresden as a jewel in the German empire.

Nobody expected Dresden Germany firebombing, as they believed the city was safe and minimal precautions were taken. However, the WW2 bombing woke them up by shattering their belief that Dresden was safe.

Elaine Blair is one of the renowned writers who love to read books. ‘Escape’ by Elaine Blair is one of the best WW2 historical fiction books. The story revolves around the firebombing of Dresden penned down in the most beautiful way. Frieda Jacobsmeyer, her Mama, and Nana took shelter in the basement of their apartment and witnessed the first wave of terror and fire.

Frieda saw the horrors of bombing in their safest homeland; she also saw a crying youngster in the middle of the street beside his broken pram across town. Frieda’s Jewish friend Walther Goldschmidt and his family took the bombing as an opportunity to flee Dresden in 1945 and their deportation to Auschwitz.

From a beautiful city to a place enraged in fire from hell – Dresden was unfortunate to witness this horrific incident. The old’s town rooftops were immersed in flames. The other nightmare was the Gestapo outside of Dresden, who were trying to round up the Jews fleeing the flaming city. Walther was aware that he was hardly the most pious Jew on the earth, yet he offered a prayer.

Elaine Blair is known as a book nerd who has also served as a teacher and writes the best historical fiction book for all bookworms. She is a travel freak, and her trip to Germany inspired her to write this masterpiece, ‘Escape’. The British and American aircraft blew away the unprotected city, unleashing a 24-hour blaze in three waves. Elaine Blair beautifully pens down the best firebombing of Dresden book with great details.

Escape by Elaine Blair is one of the best World War 2 books that is based on a true story. She was shocked to see how the fairytale city of Dresden was destroyed in 24 hours by British and American aircraft. Further reading about the interesting facts about Auschwitz helped her get a clear picture. Over the years, people have rebuilt their homeland, but traces of horrific incidents are still seen. Elaine believes such stories should be passed on to the next generation so they should know more about the world.

Elaine enjoys reading and writing historical fiction and survival stories book. She loves knowing and learning about new cultures, people, and historical events. She firmly believes that humans should know more about each other so they can learn to accept others instead of fighting or harming each other.

The sole purpose behind writing ‘Escape’ was to provide gruesome consequences of the wars as dissuasion against such future attempts. She has also described the hardships, achievements, and decisions of the characters in the book. Elaine hopes that the book with help the readers reflect on their respective journeys in life.

Through her book, ‘Escape’, Elaine helps the readers to dwell in, reflect on, and relate to their power as individuals. If you are someone who loves to read historical fiction, ‘Escape’ by Elaine Blair is the best option for you. It has a detailed history of Dresden using all the actual dates and events that created, influenced, or formed the backdrop of the story.

Get your hands on Elaine’s masterpiece ‘Escape’ and enjoy as the story takes you to the city of Dresden and lets you experience the horrors of firebombing. You can order this book from the website or Amazon before it runs out of stock!