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Is it true that you are a devotee of one of the most famous kid groups, Enhypen? Provided that this is true, then, at that point, you are without a doubt on the right stage. As in the present article, we will share the features of the commemoration of the South Korean band shaped by Belift Lab.

In 2020, Enhypen made a long – rundown of its energetic fans around the world, including Indonesia and the Philippines. Consecutive hit exhibitions of the musicians win the core of individuals. It is the reason individuals are energetically holding back to know the subtleties of Anniversary Enhypen 2021.

How about we investigate and attempt to get up to speed with every one of the features!

Barely any words about Enhypen

It is a band of seven individuals shaped in the endurance contest show named I-land. The main introduction of Enhypen was delivered on 30 November 2020, including a play called Border: Day One.

The beginning of the name was from the word dash, which implies development, revelation and association. Likewise, Enhypen means to consolidate, develop and find new represents its most anticipated fans.

Rundown of the individuals from Enhypen

Prior to thinking about Anniversary Enhypen 2021, we should have a brief glance at the most attractive characters of this kid band.

Jungwon – Ranked in the primary position, he is the head of the gathering.

Jay – He is the principle rapper and a lead artist.

Jake – He is all around perceived as the lead rapper

NI-KI – He is lead artist and performer

Heesueng – He is the focal individual from the band and a performer, artist and rapper

Sunghoon – He is a performer and a lead artist

Sunoo-he assumes the part of lead performer.

Commemoration Enhypen 2021 Celebration

One year had passed when the most famous gathering of this age was shaped. It was the point at which these seven gifted, stunning characters worked together to Enhypen. Along these lines, to check this day, the gathering had coordinated a live EN-Quest: The Seven Stars Event on seventeenth and eighteenth September 2021.

This gaming occasion was a blend of six unique exercises, which are recorded underneath –

Won truth, one untruth

Hee hint – chase

ToJay’s Word Search

Jake and the covert operative

Sunghoon Scramble

Sunoo spot on

Commemoration Enhypen 2021 brought astounding games for the fans, however it was likewise an opportunity to win and demonstrate the amount they think about their most loved band Enhypen.

What was the response of fans?

The great mission dispatched by the band had made remarkable recollections for their fans. The large numbers of adherents on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook had posted wishes on their extraordinary day.

Time passes quickly so quick, and the Enhypen commended their first commemoration. The excursion of the seven attractive folks from the I-Land work today is surprising.


Wrapping the substance, we shared the subtleties of Anniversary Enhypen 2021 with you. Be that as it may, every one of the updates of the EN-Quest were likewise shown on their Twitter account. The exhibitions of Enhypen have not finished at this point, and the band will give its best shows in the coming years as well.

What are your perspectives about Enhypen? Remark and offer with us.

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