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Ayurveda, the most ancient traditional medicinal system in India is the source of infinite knowledge about our body, mind, and soul. It is the sacred study of our spiritual, physical, and mental health and has proven to be of profound importance to unlocking the secrets of a sound body. Instead of moving on and embracing the new and scientific ways of medicine and treatment, the world is steadily marching towards Ayurveda and the ancient way of living. 

Ayurveda is a self-healing science. The laws of Ayurvedic science are based on placing our body as the ground of constant improvement. It is believed that the body has self-healing powers, and can cure any ailment on its own if we care for it and meet its emotional, physical, and nutritional needs. 

Rising Influence of Ayurveda

The rise of the influence of Ayurveda in India and around the world is at its highest pace. There are more than 400000 Ayurvedic practitioners in India, higher than at any time in our Independent history, and an entire ministry dedicated to promoting, rehabilitating, and supporting the experts of the field.

The concerted effort to promote Ayurvedic knowledge has proven to be largely successful, as the Indian lifestyle largely supports the values of Ayurveda. The ripple has been witnessed in the western world as well, where many foot items, skincare, and lifestyle products are now geared with Ayurvedic products and backed by ancient research. 

Four Ways Ayurveda is Maintaining its Modern Relevance

  1. Focus on younger generations

    New-age Ayurveda-based products cater to young generations who are eager to try new things and accept ideas that appear foreign. The active and open-minded gen z is eager to embrace new ideas that may lead to better results.
  2. Illumination of preventative healthcare

    Ayurveda fits perfectly in today’s vibe of self-care, turmeric lattes, retinol, and yoga. The market is geared towards providing the best, most natural, and holistic treatment and products to people, which is the agenda behind Ayurveda. The natural, chemical-free products are a great contrast to other types of medicines and are the biggest selling point of Ayurveda.
  3. Increased investment in research

    Transforming Ayurvedic medicinal use and packaging in a way that’s fit for modern-day consumption is a crucial task. The investment in R&D by Ayurvedic college in Bhopal is a great way to fasten the process. The emphasis on taking centuries’ worth of research into bite-sized information capsules is an integral part of modern-day Ayurveda.
  4. International market capture

    Ayurveda is a hoot in the international markets. Ayurvedic science has gone from hippies to housewives in just a few decades. Markets are promoting Ayurveda as an alternative to brutal chemicals and the invasive treatment cycle of allopathic medicine. 

5 Reasons Why Ancient Ayurvedic Research Is Important More than Ever

  1. Time-tested solutions

    You will be shocked to learn that so many products that we consume daily aren’t even a decade old. We have no idea what effect these products have on us in the long term. Thankfully, each and every Ayurvedic product and its impact are tested. The products’ success history is well documented and proven for thousands of years.
  2. Focus on the root of the problem

    Ayurveda focuses on the root of the problem and fights off the cause of the disease. Unlike allopathic medicines that work on eliminating pain, Ayurveda is focused on eliminating the origination of the pain. Most common illnesses that people have reasons that can be cured and prevented. For example, a sore throat is a result of excessive exposure to cold or consumption of sour food groups. Ayurveda illuminates people on the causes of disease, rather than prescribing a quick anti-cold medication.
  3. Nourishing medicine

    Ayurvedic medication is based on the principles of holistic nourishment, which is a departure from toxic and chemical-based medication prescribed in allopathy. Most of the medicines in Ayurveda can be assimilated into our diet and lifestyle with ingredients that are readily available on the market.
  4. The emphasis on prevention rather than cure

    Ayurveda believes in the improvement and upliftment of the overall mind, body, and soul. This is why it prepares the body to fight off diseases and builds our immunity system from within. Boosting immunity and building healthy daily routines is the hallmark of Ayurveda.
  5. Cost-effective treatment

    A visit to an Ayurvedic treatment center will not burn a hole in your pocket. And following an Ayurvedic diet does not cost an arm and a leg. It is one of the cheapest forms of medication available in India and can be undertaken by most people, regardless of their medical history. Ayurveda emphasizes building treatment routines that are mostly based on natural and readily available products.
  6. Zero side-effects

    Ayurveda’s “No harm, no foul” rule is an underrated feature of the whole medication system. While not every treatment works on people, it is certainly worth a try, because there is no downside. Almost all products prescribed in Ayurveda do not have a negative impact on your body. In the best case, your disease is completely cured, and the worst case scenario is that you had to take the medication – that’s it.
  7. Rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul

    Ayurveda trains your mind, body, and soul to fight external anomalies and pollutants. It is all about preparing you for 21st-century battles such as harsh sun exposure, chemical-based food, and lack of antioxidants in our diet. The daily switch from coffee to enlightening tea and heavy food to light and ‘Satvik’ lunch transforms your body in mere months. Yes, it is a long process, but the results make it worth it.

Summing Up,

Ayurveda is ramping up to be a potent and universally-acknowledged system of medication. The next phase of Ayurveda is all about moving the focus on the commodification and commercialization of medicine. With the support of the government and colleges such as Sri Sai College and other BAMS colleges in Bhopal, the field has thousands of qualified physicians who will be carrying the mantle forward. 

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