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Have you caught wind of the new update of Among Us? You may have as this update word is getting out all through the web.

On the off chance that you have not, Among Us declared another update with energizing new highlights like different updates, yet this time, the highlights may astonish you.

Gamers from the United States, India, and overall are extremely amped up for this new update. We should talk about additional Among Us 15 Player Lobby update further on this post.

As of late, on Twitter, Innersloth has reported this new update. Furthermore, the update is out on June 15, 2021, as the pronounced date.

Incidentally, it merits referencing that June 15 is the birthday of Among Us, and in 2021 it has been three years into the presence of this energizing gaming world. What’s more, interestingly, this update delivered didn’t create any setback, and gamers didn’t need to sit tight for Among Us 15 Player Lobby much long dissimilar to other Among Us refreshes.

Some More Information

Nonetheless, the new update is accessible on every one of the gadgets versatile, Nintendo Switch, PC, IOS, yet it isn’t delivered for PlayStation and Xbox players. Xbox form will likewise be delivered at any point in the near future this year.

Also, in this update, gamers have been presented with a few unique highlights as Innersloth is known for adding energizing highlights each time when the new update is delivered.

We should see a portion of the highlights of the new update in the underneath area.

Highlights of Among Us 15 Player Lobby

Among Us has remembered astounding highlights for this new update here are the rundown of some new highlights that are added are as given underneath:

New Map–This is the fifth guide that has been presenting in Among Us. You can expect another guide at any point in the near future in-game.

Number of Players – Now, 15 players can be available in one anteroom rather than 10. Thisfeature may be in convenient on the grounds that the Airship Map is enormous.

New Colors and Kill Screen Menus – Avatars will be accessible in various shadings, and you will see new skins.

Working Honk–In the Airship cockpit, there is an assignment wherein you need to change the guiding with a sound. The blare will work in the Among Us 15 Player Lobby update.

Barring these highlights, diverse different highlights are reputed to dispatch soon.

It is truly energizing that engineers are adding these new highlights to each refresh and astonishing everybody. The update is getting positive criticism from the gamers so you should look at the most recent update in the event that you haven’t as of now. You can likewise look at the most recent Innersloth Tweets here for additional updates.

Have you previously attempted Among Us 15 Player Lobby update? Then, at that point, kindly educate us concerning it in the remarks segment beneath. Additionally, kindly offer this post to advise others.

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