As an Amazon Seller, Amazon product photography is vital for your success. Good product photos can be the difference between a customer clicking on your listing or moving on to the next. As summer approaches, it’s important to ensure that your product photography is up-to-date and ready for the season.

Here are some tips for getting your Amazon product photos summer-ready!

Lighting & Color Balance

When it comes to taking good product photos, lighting and colour balance are key. Natural light is best; if possible, take your photos outdoors or near a window, so you get natural daylight. Avoid any yellowish hues or shadows that indoor lightbulbs can create; these can affect the accuracy of colours in your images and make them appear unnatural.

If you must use artificial lighting, look for LED bulbs that offer bright white lighting instead of yellow. Additionally, ensure that all of your images have consistent colour balance so they look professional and cohesive when customers view them together.

Use a tripod

With summer on the horizon, now is the perfect time to ensure your Amazon product photography is in top shape. One of the most important tips for successful product photography is using a tripod. A tripod provides stability and ensures no unintentional camera shake during long exposures.

It also allows you to set up a fixed position, which is particularly important when taking multiple shots of the same item from different angles. Professionals invariably use tripods while taking product photographs since it will produce clearer results without as much blurriness or ghosting.

Furthermore, a tripod gives you more freedom to concentrate on making small adjustments and achieving perfect lighting. Investing in a quality tripod with sturdy legs and a fluid head can be cost-effective in the long run and help you take stunning product photos!

Use a remote shutter release

For product photographers looking to produce engaging images in time for the upcoming summer, one key tip they may not have considered is using a remote shutter release. Not only is this essential if you require long exposures or large bursts of images, but it can also be a great way to keep your camera’s lens clean and steady throughout a shoot. For those who are already familiar with remote shutter releases, they help to reduce the chances of camera shake while taking pictures, allowing even beginner photographers to achieve professional-looking results.

A remote shutter release can be used in any shooting situation and can make an otherwise frustrating task simple. So this summer, if you decide to jump into product photography, don’t forget to pick up a quality remote shutter release to help give your images an edge!

Use a diffuser

Summer is the ideal time to revamp product photos, and using a diffuser can make all the difference when it comes to achieving great visuals. With a simple and inexpensive addition to your photography arsenal, you will be able to achieve more natural lighting without being plagued by shadows or harsh brightness.

Using a diffuser not only softens up harsh sunlight on outdoor shots but also helps balance out stronger light at indoor photoshoots: especially when focusing in on close-up images. Best of all, investing in a diffuser doesn’t break the bank. After some minor setup adjustments, you’ll be taking remarkable pictures with your Amazon product photography this summer!

Shoot in RAW format

To ensure you get the highest quality image with rich detail and accurate colour, shooting in RAW format is essential. In addition to preserving as much information as possible from your original shot, shooting in RAW also provides greater flexibility when editing images; with ample editing options available, you can perfect any photo without worrying about loss of data or quality.

Moreover, shooting in RAW also allows you to make adjustments for camera settings such as white balance and exposure quickly and easily later if needed. With the help of this tip, soon, the summer heat will be responsible for producing some hot shots!

Export as high-resolution JPEGs

For your images to come through crisp and clear, there are a few things you can do before submitting them to Amazon. One essential step is to always export your photographs as high-resolution JPEGs – taking extra care not to lose or degrade quality in the process. This simple technique will help keep your products looking sharp from the computer screen all the way into the buyer’s hands.

For even better results, be sure to take advantage of natural lighting whenever possible for more genuine colours and strong contrast between highlights and shadows. Now more than ever, Amazon sellers need photos that stand out among their competitors: so give yourself a leg up and ensure your product photography game is on point!

Upload to Amazon S3 storage bucket

For Amazon Sellers who are getting ready to stock up on their products, don’t forget to include professional-looking product photography! Uploading to an Amazon S3 storage bucket is the best way to ensure that your images remain available and will not be lost or deleted.

Not only will this provide an easy-access library of product images for various platforms, but it also ensures that the photos are stored safely and securely. With the increase in online shopping, having great quality product photography will help set your listings apart from the competition.

Ensure you have optimal lighting, a well-framed shot and a clean backdrop for each image and then remember to store them in an Amazon S3 Bucket for easy access later on.

High-Resolution Photos

It’s also important to ensure that all of your images are high-resolution. Low-resolution photos can appear blurry or pixelated when enlarged on the web, and this could cost you potential customers who are looking for a clear representation of what they are buying.

Try using a DSLR camera with a macro lens for close-up shots that require detail and texture information—this will help capture quality images that look great even when blown up onscreen. Additionally, pay attention to image size as well; some platforms have size requirements for large images, so be sure to check before uploading anything!        

Multiple Images & Angles

Finally, it’s important to provide multiple angles of each product in order to show off features and details while giving customers an idea of how the item looks in different settings or sizes (if applicable). This helps create an immersive experience where shoppers feel like they know exactly what they’re getting before making their purchase decision—which means more sales for you!

Try taking pictures from different angles and distances; include close-up shots as well as wide shots with white backgrounds if possible. This will give customers a full view of what they can expect when they buy from you.


Product photography is essential for any successful Amazon business—and it becomes even more critical during peak seasons like summertime when shoppers are looking for products online more often than usual!

By following these tips, you’ll be able to create high-quality photographs that accurately represent your products and will draw in potential customers this summer season. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for upcoming sales events like Prime Day—they could mean all the difference between having successful sales or not! Happy shooting!