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You may need to order custom candle boxes with your logos when you first start your handmade candle business, and you may have doubts about what type of custom candle packaging is best. What is the best way to package my candles? Alternatively, what is the most cost-effective method of shipping candles?

How to package candle packaging:

Because scented candles are placed in delicate glass bottles, it is critical to avoid breaking the glass bottle when packing candles.

Wrapping the candle in bubble film could save the glass bottles from shattering during shipping; you can buy a roll of bubble film on clipnBox and cut it to any size you need.

There is a variety of shipping to choose from, including three-layer boxes, five-layer boxes, and even seven-layer boxes. A 5-layer box is an excellent option. The box’s size, on the other hand, is critical. The extra filler material is required if the parcel is too large. On the other hand, it raises transportation costs.

  • Film of bubble wrap
  • Shipping box that is both durable and acceptable
  • Material for packing and filling

How to get candle packaging high quality at a cheap price:

Candles are often stored in glass bottles, however, tin cans are also used by some candle dealers. Three packaging methods are commonly used in single bottle candle packaging. Custom Candle boxes are typically made of white and brown 300-gram cardboard. We sometimes add a corrugated board lining to strengthen the robustness of custom packaging. The cardboard can be printed directly on the printer, allowing for a variety of printing procedures to enhance the creative feeling.

A composite custom packaging box is a robust cardboard candle box. To begin, a pre-designed shape is cut out of grey cardboard with a thickness of around 1mm to 3mm. The cardboard is then covered with a thin paper covering that is pasted to the outside. Making firm cardboard candle packaging box is a time-consuming and labor-intensive operation. Its most major advantage, though, is that it can make a variety of shapes, including heart shapes.

You are selling an excellent product, and your customers are loyal to you. The candle industry is your passion. Every day, you put your heart and soul into it, and you want to build a tribe of loyal customers. Why not create a link that strengthens and reinforces this connection? This represents the packaging you choose for your products. It’s all about you right now. It delivers the idea that you value your customers and value your products.

Ideas for Candle Packaging on a Candle Gift Box:

The packaging design, material choice, and craftsmanship of the candle gift box put more civilized than the single bottle candle boxes. The custom candle packaging box style might vary; for example, it can be turned into a display double-door gift box. Candle packaging box manufacturers with experience may help with structure design, packaging materials, and production process improvements. Package designers, merchants, and packaging manufacturers must all work together to create an excellent candle packaging box idea.

Ideas for Candle Packaging on a Candle Subscription Box

Customers will receive a candle subscription box every month as a gift. It usually includes fragrant candles, essential oils, and little presents like soap, bath salts, or a face mask. Every month, the candle subscription box’s contents will be different. The candle subscription box is usually sent via mail, and it is quite large. There are numerous large and tiny items inside, all of them are filled with colored shredded paper. To build a candle subscription box, corrugated cardboard is recommended.

As previously stated, the corrugated box is shock-resistant, making it ideal for direct shipping.

The corrugated cardboard gift boxes can be folded and take up little space in the merchant’s inventory.

Corrugated cardboard is a low-cost option.

Cardboard is a recyclable and eco-friendly material.

Reason for requiring candle packaging

You’re selling a fantastic product, and your clients are devoted to you. Your passion is the candle box industry. You put your heart and energy into it every day, and you want to establish a tribe of dedicated clients. The packaging you chose for your products is represented by this link. It’s all about you. It sends the message that you cherish your clients and think highly of your items.

Brand perception is influenced by candle packaging.

When there are so many brands and variations of custom candles box on the shelf, why would someone choose yours? And how are you going to set yours apart from the rest?

Beautifully labeled tins or jars, as well as funny tags and ribbons on candles, do a fantastic job of catching people’s attention. There is, however, a higher level. Because it delivers a statement, high-quality packaging and labeling are important for your brand’s image. The message is that you place a high value on your items and treat your customers with respect. Furthermore, it implies that you value their experience.

The appearance of your candle package wholesale has the potential to turn a one-time love affair with your items into a long-term relationship. This, without a doubt, adds value to your company, strengthens brand loyalty, and boosts sales.


To boost your candle sales, get custom candle packaging in bulk from the market. clipnBox offers boxes that have the distinct advantage of being simple to assemble. Furthermore, you may add the artwork to the boxes to make them even more useful. Custom boxes with logo are always present at many festivals and annual events. You may, however, get a simple candle box without having to unwrap layers and layers of packaging. Purchasing a candle box in bulk is the finest deal to take advantage of if you want to save money. You can have any type of candle packaging you like, whether it’s plain or ornate