Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Home to some of the best universities in the world, the USA has the reputation of being amongst the top study destinations. From a range of diversified courses to vibrant student life, USA offers it all! International students can enrol to study in USA twice a year: the spring semester or the fall semester. But when is the perfect time to enrol at a university in USA? There are many aspects that one needs to consider before making their choice, as each intake in USA has a different set of pros and cons.

Although the choice is personal, it is of utmost importance to know the right intake in USA. Let us examine the highlights and drawbacks of both semesters in more depth and decide which semester is best for international students in USA.

An Overview of Semesters in USA
As previously stated, international students can apply in the US during the spring and fall semesters. But before that, let us look at the enrollment periods of these semesters to know more about what they have in store for international students:

Spring Semester
The Spring intake in USA starts in January and ends in April. There are a few things to consider when applying for Spring Semester:

Courses offered: There are only a few courses offered during the spring semester.

Scholarship Opportunities: The scholarship opportunities are very limited during this year.

Internship While Studying: The students need to fulfil the 9-month eligibility criteria, which they cannot fulfil in the spring semester; therefore, it gets a tad bit difficult for students to apply for internships during the spring semester.

Work Opportunities for Graduating Students: The employment boom begins with students in the fall semester, so there are fewer possibilities available, making it challenging for students in the spring semester to get jobs.

Fall Semester
The Fall intake in USA starts in August and ends in December. Most of the students opt for a Fall semester. Some important things to consider when applying for Fall Semester are:


Courses Offered: A lot of courses are offered in the fall semester.

Scholarship Opportunities: There is a downpour of scholarship opportunities that rain down on students as they get tremendous opportunities.

Internship While Studying: The students fulfil the 9-month eligibility period, so it gets easier for them to receive an internship opportunity.

Work Opportunities for Graduating Students: When students graduate in the fall semester, most firms embark on hiring binges, giving them more options than they can pick from and the best employment chances.

But now the BIG question: Which intake is best to study in USA? Let us find out!

Which Semester to Choose: Spring VS Falls
Which term is best for students to enrol in—spring or fall—is a difficult but not impossible dilemma. A student only needs to be aware of their goals and what the semester has to offer before making a choice.

Let us look at the basic differences between the two semesters, Spring and Fall:

Factors Spring Semester Fall Semester
Time You have to wait a semester to apply. You do not need to wait another year or semester to apply.
Competition There is a lesser competition during the spring semester. There is a lot of competition during the fall semester.
Acceptance Rate The acceptance rate is lower than that of fall because this is an off-season when the admission for most courses has been shut down. Since more course alternatives are accessible to students in the fall semester than in the spring, the class size is larger, and there is a higher acceptance rate.
More Time to Gain Experience You get more time to yourself as you do not dive straight into your next life phase. You can gain work experience, volunteer, or give time to your hobbies; your choice. There is no extra time to invest in extracurricular activities or gain experience.
Courses Available There are fewer courses available. The number of courses available is significantly greater.
Employment Few jobs are available, as most companies hire after the fall semester. Several job opportunities are available as companies start hiring during this period.
Preparation for Standardized Tests You get time to prepare for the standardized test as most degrees end in July, and you get time till January to prepare. There is no time; say your UG degree ends in July, and you must immediately apply for the fall semester admissions.
Scholarships Lesser number of scholarship opportunities as they get gobbled up by the students who applied in the fall semester. High chances to receive a scholarship.
Now, it is up to you to analyze the options and select the intake in USA that best suits your career goals. Do remember that regardless of the intake, your hardwork and dedication are all that matters for a rewarding study abroad experience. Contact one of the best overseas educational consultants for further guidance and assistance to study at your dream university in the USA.