Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
The Dangers of Alcohol You May Not Know About

Healthy living is on the agenda of many people worldwide. Many of us are choosing more healthy diets, drinks, etc. As much as we all love a nice glass or shot of our favourite liquor, we know the negative effects these beverages can have on our bodies in the long run. This is why many young people are seeking healthier alternatives to alcohol. Non-alcoholic drinks may not always have the same calming effect the alcoholic ones do, so it may be a challenge finding the right drinks to replace your favourite booze. However, it’s not impossible. If you’re interested, here are a few alternatives to alcohol worth trying.

  1. CBD beverages

CBD drinks are beverages that contain a certain amount of CBD (the non-psychoactive element in hemp). It’s one of the most delicious ways to take your CBD and can have the same effect as other CBD products. It can be ingested at any temperature, which will make a good replacement for your evening glass of wine. 

Much like alcohol, CBD drinks can make you feel calm, relaxed, and more focused. A can of this cannabidiol deliciousness could also help improve your mood and reduce your body’s stress sensation.

One of the best things about this beverage is that it is not intoxicating, which means you can drink it anytime during the day. CBD drinks can range from cannabidiol-infused coffees to fruity cocktails, so you can have a jitter-free energetic morning and end your day with a relaxing CBD cocktail drink. CBD drinks by OTO are a good brand to try out if you’re curious about these drinks. 

  1. Kombucha

This sweet and sour fizzy drink made using green or black tea is another healthy alternative to alcoholic beverages. It reportedly originated from China centuries ago and was taken for its healing properties. Much like most alcoholic beverages, kombucha is made by fermentation; the tea goes through the fermentation process and, in some cases, is sprinkled with bacteria. 

The great thing about Kombucha is that it is healthy but still has an ABV of about 3.5% to 5.5%, like most beers. It is healthy but can still give you a good buzz. It is a great probiotic and antioxidant, which has become quite popular in places like London, New York, and other major cities. It’s served in some progressive bars and cafes, and lounges and continues to go viral. 

  1. Sparkling juice

Like sparkling wine, sparkling juices also undergo fermentation, still having a taste and consistency like champagne or prosecco. So, if you prefer your liquor bubbly, this could be a good alternative. Sparkling juices are a cross between juice and wine but are healthier. They may contain a tiny amount of alcohol since they go through a very short fermentation process, but you won’t end up intoxicated or hungover after indulging. 

Most sparkling juices in North America are 100% alcohol-free; during production, juices are pasteurised immediately after pressing to avoid fermentation completely. However, European-made sparkling juices can contain up to 3% alcohol. 

In conclusion, experimenting with new alternatives can be a great way to enjoy the same social experiences while avoiding the potential risks of alcohol. From non-alcoholic beer, to mocktails and kombucha, there is an abundance of options out there for those looking for an enjoyable night out without any unwanted side effects. There are even more alcohol-free activities that you can do with friends or family, such as camping, bowling, board games, movie night or partake in this new year’s activity called dry january.