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Oxford Bed Frame

Oxford Bed Frame:

The Oxford Bed Frame is obtainable with a good choice of under-bed storage units. Each unit is an entirely unbiased chest of two drawers, deep and wide. The drawers are completely enclosed in their unit to help hold your clothes clean and dust free, and they function on metal runners for robust and splendid smooth action.

Painted to fit the comfort of your Oxford bedroom, the drawer units can be furnished for either the bed’s left- or right-hand side or both. The under-bed storage units are an excellent way of maximising the storage in your bedroom.

The essential factor to know when someone regards a storage bed is a bed frame with a few storages integrated or some way of storing your items in drawers. The style you get with a storage bed can range as with the examples above, with an Ottoman bed and a Divan bed.

You will discover that the classes are very one of a kind depending on your requirements and the types you need in the bedroom. You can also discover a wide range of storage beds that focus less on style than practicality.

You will generally find that those beds are built in a platform or a cabin style and can be extra for suitability than style. Another option for a storage bed is when you use it in smaller areas, including a children’s bedroom, where you are trying to keep items and remove clutter.

These do not need to be the top smart choice and will generally come up with a Wood style design with plenty of capability in phrases of the storage options. You may even find a few storage beds which have built-in USB charging ports, interchangeable headboards, and even shelving and drawers which can be customisable.

Other Considerations When Picking a Storage Bed?

Once you have determined that you will buy a bed that you may use the storage, you have a good idea of the style you need. The last concerns are to ensure that you measure the entirety of your bedroom.

Oxford Bed Frame

As this could be a storage bed, it’s critical to get all the measurements correct to understand that you may get a bed to match your room and provide the practicality and storage options you require.

As we said above, some attentions to start with are as follows:

Ottoman Bed:

This is a notable storage bed to provide you with lots of storage area because it will open up the whole backside of the bed as a storage area. You will also be able to customise this for bright style, and if you’re searching for something to be a centrepiece for your bedroom and provide you with all the storage you want, this needs to be considered one of your first choices.

Divan Bed:

This style of bed will give you drawers which can usually be located on either side of the bed at the lowest. While this may only sometimes give you as much room as an Ottoman bed, it gives you a greater of a present-day style and is superb if you need a smaller, more compact storage area.

This is nicely worth looking at, especially if you are going to get a storage bed for a spare room and you need to try to minimise the space you will take up.

Other Options:

The different options you may have for a storage bed are created for this reason. So instead of having a bed frame like an Ottoman or a Divan, they were mainly made as storage beds. You will find many designs that typically have a wooden style for this type. This bed has been driven primarily as a storage choice, so it’s generally famous for child’s rooms.


We wish this had given you an excellent storage bed frame guide and explained that you could have the style you need while not compromising storage. For a completely quick wrap-up – if you are going for as many styles as possible for your main suite and also want extra storage, then go for an Ottoman bed.

If you need to head for something more current, go for a Divan bed to give you a better traditional sense with the drawers on either facet of the bed. Please glance through our full range of Oxford Headboard and beds here at Home Direct UK, as we have a wide range of beds and expertise to ensure that you get something with a view to meet your desires.