Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Alpenkraft shower head in comparison 

Right at the beginning, however, we do not want to deprive you of the only weakness of the Alpenkraft shower head. And that’s the price. 

Comparable products such as the Wellness Shower shower head are already available at half the price. Currently, the Wellness Shower shower head is even available with a 1-year package of refilling stones for free. 

Cheaper alternative – Wellness Shower 

Due to the comparatively high price of the Alpenkraft shower, we would like to introduce you to this a cheaper but equivalent alternative. The Wellness Shower shower head. This shower head also works with mineral stones inside. 

Instead of € 44.95 you pay only € 29.00 for the Wellness Shower shower head. For the price of € 29.00 there is not only the Wellness Shower shower head but also a 1-year package of refill bricks (worth € 14.95) free of charge. 

Possible applications of the AlpenKraft shower head 

In detail, the shower head advertises with mineral filter beads and the following advantages: 

Three different types of rays should give you the choice whether you want to pamper yourself with the massage jet, sprinkle gently and evenly with the rain jet or simply wash away your loads from the day with a strong jet jet with the ray type jet. 

Significantly less water consumption: Up to 35% less water consumption should not only noticeably relieve the environment, but also your wallet. 

Negative-ionized and mineralized stone balls are designed to turn your tap water into soft water in spring water quality. hier drücken 

The problem with calcification 

The only problem with this solution is that a fine pipe diameter also gets dirty and clogged much faster than a larger one. Since our drinking water, which flows from our pipes, is usually very rich in minerals and above all contains lime and various impurities, it would not take long and there would be no more water at all. This could be called a very economical shower head, but it would also miss the purpose of the whole exercise. 

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