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Regardless of whether it is a brilliant blue smokey eye or a realistic metallic eye shadow, the Panga entertainer realizes all the best eye shadow patterns.

On most days, the Manikarnika on-screen character’s style game is on point. Every so often she jumps at the chance to amp it up with a vintage piece, on different days she gets a kick out of the chance to adhere to her conventional sari or kurti set. Yet, it isn’t only her style that has our full focus; the on-screen character knows precisely what cosmetics seek wear for each event. From a delicate winged eyeliner to metallic eye shadow, the her eye shadow game is as flexible as it gets. Ahead, we investigate how she pros her looks without fail.

Proceed onward from the exemplary smokey bruised eye, submit general direction to the on-screen character and take a stab at a smokey blue eye look. The way to expert this look is to guarantee that you don’t settle on a strong shading so the attention is exclusively on the eye look. Furthermore, ensure your mixing aptitudes are on point on the grounds that, with a shading like blue, you don’t need it to spread past a specific breaking point.

We as a whole love our ‘no-cosmetics’ look. All things considered, the look acts the hero nowadays when we have those various work video calls. In any case, on days when you need a little oomph, you can go for a look that Kangana wears here. Raise your eyes by utilizing an earthy colored eye shadow or essentially your bronzer, and include a little sparkle by popping a trace of highlighter on the forehead bone and the internal corners of your eyes.

The 90s may have passed, however the much-adored metallic eye look has stood the trial of time. While from the start it may appear to be an overwhelming assignment yet let us guarantee you that any skin tone and eye shape can wear this strong eye cosmetics. Spritz your level eye shadow brush with a cosmetics shower and get some color and softly dust it over your tops.

On days when you feel somewhat dull, simply apply a couple of layers of mascara and take your most splendid eye shadow bed, get your preferred neon pink or electric blue, and apply it on the internal corner of your eyes. In addition to the fact that you get to give your mixing aptitudes a pass, however you get an especially chic look in that spot! What’s more, for quite a long time when you need to go full scale, submit general direction to the on-screen character and include a striking winged eyeliner.

Fun certainty: this cosmetics look scarcely takes two items. All you need is an earthy colored eye shadow and a kajal. Line your upper waterline and with a mixing eye shadow brush simply mix the kajal out and smirch it delicately. Make an inclination impact by including a touch of earthy colored eye shadow on the external corner of the eyes or the wrinkle and mix everything together. Finish it with a layer of mascara and fix the lower lash line by applying kajal there, as well.

What’s your opinion of her looks, and which one might you want to attempt?

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