Fri. May 24th, 2024

Since the last decade, video content has taken over the World Wide Web traffic. All types of institutions, including financial, educational, business, and entertainment platforms, use online video platforms for marketing, training, and other purposes. 

Such a demand has prompted small to large-sized businesses to use online video platforms to promote themselves. Here, we’ll look at the benefits of using an online video platform.

What is an online video platform?

An online video platform is a place to upload, store, convert, and broadcast your video content. It is a software-based solution for video content creators and businesses. 

However, several types of online video platforms are present in the market. YouTube, for example, is a B2C platform that creators use to distribute content on a mass scale to their viewers. 

Large organisations, on the other hand, need more feature-oriented platforms for multiple purposes. Businesses are on the constant lookout for online video platforms that come with monetisation, privacy, branding, and support features that enhance the overall user experience on both ends.

How does an online video platform work?

These are the steps involved in the functioning of an online video platform.

  1. Uploading

Users upload their video content on the video platform. They can do it using FTP, DropBox, Google Drive, Servers, URLs, etc.

  1. Optimisation

Optimising the uploaded video is crucial as it makes sure that viewers on different networks, bandwidths, and devices can seamlessly watch the content. Moreover, added protection is supplied via multiple encryptions for safety. However, this varies depending on the platform.

  1. Storage

After a video is optimised, it is stored on the platform servers using a double-layer of protection using video-encryption technology. It can be an OTP-based authentication, licensing, and so on.

  1. Encryption and Playback

The whole system is encrypted using a hidden non-public key before presenting it to the viewer. A dynamic URL is prepared for viewers to watch the content. However, some online video platforms don’t use complex encryption and decryption techniques.

  1. Licensing

Platforms use custom video embed codes for licensing. However, multiple techniques provide users with all the royalty of their content.

What to Look for in an Online Video platform?

You will find many cloud-based video platforms online. But, you need to know your requirements and look for features that simplify your work. Here, we discuss the key components of an ideal online video platform.

  1. Potent CDN

A potent Content Delivery Network (CDN) is key for delivering faster video content concurrently to millions of audiences without any packet loss or buffering issues while ensuring security and reliability.

  1. Content management

A dashboard containing every necessary tool for managing your video content is essential for any business or individual creator. Features like bulk upload, bulk delete, embedding, custom thumbnails, creating playlists, video watermarking etc., are basic crucial components of an online video platform.

  1. Transcoding and encoding

Transcoding involves the conversion of your video to multiple formats so it can be viewed using any device and platform. Encoding, on the other hand, is crucial for compressing the size of your uploaded media. This ensures quick access to your content for your viewers. 

  1. Security and privacy

When making your content public, online video platforms need to ensure that your content is safe and can not be stolen . Moreover, it also needs to cater to the user’s private mode where videos are stored as drafts before publishing online.

  1. Analytics

If a video platform presents key data, e.g. conversion rate, average watch time, bounce rate, views, engagement, etc., all your needs are met. You won’t need any other SEO tool apart from your online video platform.


Choosing an online video platform for your business is crucial in this competitive market. With feature-enriched platforms like Vdocipher which provides DRM Protection, you can effortlessly present your audience with high-quality videos. Vdocipher is now offering a 30-day free trial to help your business reach its intended audience with ease.

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