Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

People around the world are using loads of Motion Design Applications but to what we have seen, it is mostly for PC or Apple Mac devices. Smartphone users barely have the capability to edit epic motion graphics. But, lately, with advancements in technology and loads of other benefits and perks, users are able to take their mobile phones and have high processors, which allows them to edit videos with ease. Now all that is lacking is a great application.

And for this particular issue, today we are talking about the Alight Motion First Professional Motion Design App for Smartphones. So let’s continue ahead and understand what all this hype is actually all about.

About Alight Motion First Professional Motion Design App

On your smartphone, PC, or mac, you may use the Alight Motion software to create graphics, visual effects, and animation. On Android devices, it is the finest and only app for animation creation. Alight Creative Inc. offers it as a free application. The first motion design app in the world is called Alight Motion Pro. Additionally, it enables several layers for designing motion graphics. Additionally, Alight Motion programme Pro offers a comprehensive library of vectors as well as freehand drawing tools.

The Functionality of Alight Motion

Rich multimedia components with features

There are multiple layers of images, audio, and video built into Alight Motion. Bitmap and vector support is available, which is something you do not often find on mobile phones. There are options for colour correction and visual enhancements in addition to

Make excellent videos

The mobile film making app Alight Motion is a great choice. It has the ability to give you a simple to use platform where you can apply professional-level visual effects, animation, video compositing, motion graphics, and video editing.

Some uses for Alight Motion

Users of Alight Motion can develop new projects and their own work. The photographs and movies that are on the device can be added to the new project. Users of Alight Motion can export videos in a variety of formats, including PNG images, GIF images, normal videos, and Image Sequence.

Features of the Alight Motion App

  • Several audio, video, and graphic layers.
  • Support for vector and bitmap (modify vector graphics on your phone!)
  • 160+ fundamental effect components that can be used to produce complex visual effects.
  • All options have keyframe animation accessible.
  • Organize character joints and connect parent and child layers.
  • cameras with focus blur and support for zoom, pan, and fog.
  • Masking and grouping.
  • Color correction.
  • Choose from predefined timing curves or create your own for smoother animation.
  • Bookmarks to make editing simpler.
  • Motion blur depends on velocity.
  • Export still images, PNG sequences, GIF animation, and MP4 video.
  • Distribute project bundles to others.
  • Gradient fill effects and solid colour effects.
  • Effects for borders, shadows, and strokes.
  • Support for custom fonts
  • Layers can be copied in their entirety or simply their styles.

Pros and Cons of Alight Motion


  • Video editing and exporting in 4K 60FPS.
  • a fundamental trim, crop, split, etc.
  • Add a number of graphic, audio, and video layers.
  • Support for vectors and bitmaps.
  • Over 100 fundamental effect building blocks.
  • Available keyframe animation.
  • Available Grouping and Masking.
  • Features for colour tuning and adjustment.
  • Export GIF animation, PNG sequences, H.264 and HEVC MP4 video, etc.
  • Media fill, gradients, and solid colours.
  • Numerous Effects.
  • Include unique fonts.
  • Keep your preferred components.
  • accessible on iOS and Android.


  • Ads and a Watermark (Free version)
  • Advanced UI for Novices

Some FAQs Alight Motion App

How can I gain free access to Alight motion’s premium features?
Yes, the patched programme allows you to access the premium features of Alight Motion. You don’t have to be concerned about paying a monthly price to get all of those thrilling audiovisual features.

How can I operate the Alight motion app?
You must first download the Elite Motion application in order to use it, and once it has been downloaded, you must launch it. Once launched, the Elite Motion application will take you to the homescreen, where Home Tutorial Pillar Cycle Project will be located at the bottom.

Is the Alight Motion App safe to use?
Yes, the app is totally safe and secure as it has been used worldwide by loads of people on a daily basis. Ensuring total privacy and encryption as well as top notch use.

What the Users Have to Say –


I’ve been searching for the most recent Alight motion mod apk update. I can now finally look through the newest features directory. In addition, the app offers the chroma key, which is absent from the version. Additionally, you will receive the premium Alight motion features without having to pay anything.

Jayne Marie

Before, I knew nothing about this app or video editing. However, I was able to master a number of new abilities, like video editing, once I installed the Alight Motion mod apk. After that, I began to appreciate the premium features and completely free advertising. Get the Alight motion app if you are just getting started and are a beginner.

M. Allener Moslarez

Probably the best video editing app that I have come across online. I like a lot of immersive experiences, and this app has been without the chroma key for a while. Finally, I understood it; as a result, I can now easily generate videos. That’s it, I urge you to get the Alight Motion App.


Overall, if you are looking to find A great motion graphics app, then Alight Motion First Professional Motion Design App. That is loaded with features , perks and so many other things which really make it stand out of the crowd. The app is really high-tech and allows you to literally edit the videos in 4K resolution as well. Therefore it is surely certain that installing this app is worth it in every single way.