Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Live, in-person shows are happening sporadically and with varying degrees of caution (Lollapalooza this Summer, for instance, seem a bit hasty) throughout the rest of 2021. However, looking towards 2022, you can expect a lot more out of, well, everything.

Just announced today, Steve Coogan will once more take up the mantle as his beloved character, Alan Partridge, and tour all around the UK and Ireland in April & May of 2022. As Partridge says in this announcement, he wants to lay out a “stratagem” on how the UK can heal from all the turmoil and havoc of the last year. Partridge, as a stubborn, self-important broadcaster, will, of course, have the answers.

Tickets for Stratagem with Alan Partridge go on sale this Saturday at 1AM PT in the morning

By admin